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How To Decorate Home According To Vastushastra

Believe it or not, Vastushastra plays an important role in every home décor. It is an ancient art which is widely followed in all aspects. Vastushastra plays an important role in making a house into a home by radiating the right kind of energy. Every home has its own kind of energy and it depends on you only to generate positive energy.

Therefore it is very crucial to generate positive energy at the home for betterment of life. So, here are some vastushastra suggestions for your home to invite prosperity and to maintain a balance between energy flows of your home.

Vastu Shastra for Main entrance:

The entrance of any home is the entry point of not only for guest and family but also for energy. It is advised the main door should face the North, East or in North-east direction. You can place water bowls or any water element at the entrance to attract positive energy and repel negative energy. For beautifying décor and calming the environment one can place the statue of lord Buddha.

Energy flow of living area:

In home living room is the most active place of home, it creates a favorable or unfavorable impression on the guest depending upon the energy flow. According to vastushastra, you can place a beautiful mirror on the north wall of your living area. The heavy furniture is advised to place west or south-west direction of the living room.

Hold the cosmic energy of courtyard:

Most of the time courtyard is ignored, but it plays a vital role in Vastushastra. It is the center of your abode and is considered to be the holiest and most powerful zone of the house. Decorate this area with green plants and if possible place a brass Urli. The fresh environment will attract positive vibe. In the courtyard, you can place money plant also for inviting wealth and prosperity.

vastushastra Increase the spirituality of Pooja Ghar:

Spiritual place or Pooja ghar is the heart of every home. According to vastushastra White, beige, light yellow or green are great color options for this room. The idols should be placed facing East direction. You can hang holy images of God and Goddess on the walls of pooja room. Place a beautiful brass diya in the fire corner of the room to invite energy.

Vastushastra Maintain the balance of bedroom:

A bedroom is the place where you need utmost peace and calmness. According to vastushastra, it is advised to place bed towards South or West wall. Use light rose, gray, blue, chocolate, green, etc as wall colors for bedroom. You can also place a Bagua map outside the bedroom wall.



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