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How to choose an indoor plant for your home

The indoor plant has a celestial aura that transmits positive energy to every corner of the home. The greenery of indoor plants adds dimension to the ambiance and give a refreshing touch to space. While adding these plants in ambiance, it is also very important for you to know which plant to choose according to the ambiance.

Indoor Plants for Living Area:

The living area is that part of home where there is a maximum footfall. So while choosing an indoor plant for living area always go for a big sized plant. Make that plant a style statement in your area. You can place that indoor plant under the glass table, in between two couches or in any corner of your area. While choosing the plant check, how much amount of direct or indirect sunlight enters in your living area.

Recommendations: Rubber tree, Bird of paradise, Begonia, Cacti, Spider plant etc.

Where to place plants in home, Living Area

Indoor Plant for Kitchen Area:

The kitchen is the second busiest place of home and is a bit humid from rest of the areas. While choosing an indoor plant for a kitchen, check the amount of sunlight entering. Usually, kitchens have the window that opens outside so you can choose those indoor plants also which requires direct sunlight. But try to avoid those indoor plants which attract flies and mosquitoes.

Recommendations: Ferns, Air plants, Trailing Pothos, Aloe etc.

Kitchen Area plants

Indoor Plant For Bedroom:

Your bedroom is meant to be a restful sanctuary, so add a bit of greenery to create a peaceful atmosphere. A bedroom is a place where is usually less amount of light or brightness is present; So choose from those indoor plants which require a minimum amount of sunlight to survive. Instead of placing a huge indoor plant for small sized plant.

Recommendation: Snake Plant, Rubber Plant, Braided Ficus Tree, Amaryllis etc.

Indoor Plants for bedroom,Bedroom ambience

Indoor Plants for Dining Area

Dining space is the place where a family sits and enjoys the peaceful time of a meal. So for this place, it is advised to indulge flower plants, which will sprinkle color and fragrance in ambiance. Indoor Plant in the dining area can be style statement so choose plant which looks great and gives a stylish look.

Recommendations: English Ivy, Amaryllis. Ferns, Trailers, Wandering Jew etc.

plant for Dining area ,easy care tips for plants

Indoor Plants for Workspace:

For workspace, pick a plant you wouldn’t mind staring at when you’re searching for inspiration or creativity. Also for office space where you want more concentration, so go for those indoor plants which invite good vibes and positive energies. Indoor plant in workspace creates a refreshing visual impact in the dull ambiance so go for colored plants.

Recommendations: Fittonia, Marimo Moss, Jade Plant, Lucky Bamboo Plant etc.

Office ambiance indoor plants

The indoor plant is the great addition to any ambiance. As these plants require minimum care and also cure your need of gardens if you live in compact spaced apartments.

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