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How To Build A Pooja Room According To Vastu

Pooja room is the divine and holy place of every home. With respect to the pretty ambiance, another thing which also matters is how you build the room. Pooja room should be built in accordance with proper vastu for inviting positive and good energy.

Yet in the modern home sometimes this space gets neglected unintentionally. So here are some easy tips which can be applied in any pooja room according to vastu for inviting positive energies.


Big space or small space it really doesn’t matter. According to vastu, the thing which matters is the direction. The images and statues of the deities should be placed between the north and east direction of the house with deities facing towards the south or east. In this way, while praying you will be facing towards the east, in the direction of rising sun.

Direction of god according to vastu


There are few suggestions according to vastu which can be used for locating your pooja room. It is advised to not share the wall of pooja room with a toilet or duct pipes. Pooja room should not be built right opposite the main door or in the bedroom. As the energies of this space are believed to cause unrest so avoid.

Vastushatra tips ,how to place god


The next important thing according to Vastu is the height of deities.  Usually, the choice of height is preference and should be chosen according to every family member. But the average height for it is 1 foot 6 inches from the ground. The figurines should not be too heightened so that you are not able to see them.

height according  to vastu, Vastushastra


We light the pooja space to enhance the beauty of adornment. According to Vastu, it is advised to light the pooja room with brighter lights to invite positive energies. Lights should be warm and soothing giving a depth to space and creating a perfect environment for evening prayers and meditations. You can also light diyas for a charming look.

 Vastu tips for divine figurine


Storage is the essential part of any pooja room. In accordance with vastu, storage should not be above the god statues. Also, keep your pooja room clutter free. Storage will be required to store a mat or cushion for sitting, cotton wick, incense sticks, matchbox, prayers books etc. You can go for side shelves or pooja ghar which comes with beneath storage space.

pooja ghar

Maintain the divinity:

Pooja rooms are for a devotional purpose and religion is something very personal. So according to vastu avoid building a pooja space in the living room or busy passage. Also while praying avoid the place where there is a reach of the loud noise of television or your music system.

Vastu Tips for pooja room

These are the easy vastu tips which will help you to build a divine pooja room according to Vastu and will also help in inviting good vibes and serenity.

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