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How Kalamkari Is A Natural Healing Art

The culture of India holds a special place for art and crafts. When talking about the history of India, art plays a major role in describing ancient culture. Every culture has its own art which gives the royal glance of its history. The existence of these arts is from the day when life started. And when talking about historical art, kalamkari is one of them.

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Kalamkari is one of the most beautiful traditional art forms of India which is noted for its extraordinary and fine artwork on fabric. Not only the fabric there are a lot more things which make it exclusive.

How it was named…

Kalamkari means painting with pen, “Kalam” is pen and “Kari” is art. The heritage of this art dates back from ancient times. It was initially traced in the early period of Persian and Indian trade merchants and later it becomes a part of Indian Culture. According to the historians, fabric samples depicting Kalamkari art was found at the archeological sites of Mohenjo-Daro.

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The Extraordinary Process of Kalamkari…

Majorly this art is done in the small towns of Kalahasti, Machilipatnam and other interior regions of Andhra Pradesh by rural craftsmen and women. The process involves 23 steps, Firstly the fabric is bleached and softened and then it is dried in the sun. And in that time colors are made from natural materials or organic material.

Kalamkari Art of India, Art and crafts of India, Handicrafts of India

Cotton Fabric is mostly used, after bleaching and drying the cloth is soaked in milk of buffalo as this avoid smudging of dyes when doing the painting. The Kalamkars use ‘tamarind twig’ as, pen, to sketch beautiful motifs.

Why Kalamkari is so exclusive…

Not only the fineness, but kalamkari is also exclusive in many more terms. It is also known as healing fabric. Colors, motifs, compositions and the narration of magical forms create an aura that heals an individual physically and spiritually. Most of the motifs are usually of lords so this art gives a divine charm to the user.

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One of the amazing beauties of this art is fine designs. You will never see broad designs on kalamkari prints. Designs and motifs are always symmetric. Also, only highly skilled artisans create this art from hands, the machine is used nowhere.

Specialties of Kalamkari

Initially, Kalamkari was found only on fabrics which were used in temples and other holy places. But as the art grows, the whole scenario changed. You will find this art in bed sheets, apparels, décor objects, and jewelry. These objects have very fine detailing which attracts the onlookers and give a clean and classy look.

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