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Does Your Home Decor Need Something More?

Every home decor or ambiance has its own story. Some likes to make it sassy, some chooses classy and some choose to get it themed. It all depends on what you choose and what you prefer. But after doing so many efforts sometimes the ambiance lacks that exclusive touch. So to re-gain that exclusive touch here is some points which you can look upon.

Look at the wall

The first thing to check on is the wall. While decorating the surrounding you forget about the blank wall. So to give dramatic looks go for textured wallpaper or printed wall paints. If you are good in art then go for painting the wall and show your creative side there. You can also use your framed pictured memory and can make your home decor look creative.

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Re-check the color

Next thing to check on is the color you had used in your home decor. Sometimes just by changing the color theme, you can regain your exclusive touch. Add some colorful vases in the ambiance with refreshing flowers and sprinkle the colorful touch in adornment. Always match light shade wall paints with dark shade furniture and give a classy appearance.

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Experiment with twists

Ditch the set rules for home decor and try some experiments. Sometimes to stand out of the crowd you have to give a twist. For adding twist you can décor the ambiance with some classy looking mirrors. Go for a Rajasthani Jharokha and hang it on the entryway wall and nearby that jharokha you can go for artificial creepers plants.  Add indoor plants and experiment with the looks.

Rajasthani Jharokha, Wooden Jharokha, Handcrafted Decor, Wall Decor
Rajasthani Jharokha

Match the odd & even

Sometimes matching even and odd thing together can create a magic in home decor. Like if the color theme of the area is light shade then go for dark shade lighting options or meenakari night lamps. If you have modern style couch then go for a Rajasthani theme hand-painted coffee table. Just try to match odd things in even environment and showcase the unique look.

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Style up with decorative

Small decorative objects play a major role in any home decor. You can experiment with many things while choosing the handicrafts. If space is low go for a single heightened object or you can also choose set of small decorative that can be placed in different places. One can also go for Rajasthani wooden handicrafts and can make the ambiance look beautiful.

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Decorative Horse

Try on themed decor

Going for a themed look for any home décor will also be a great option to bring out that brilliance. You don’t have to do much but just have to add and switch some furniture and decorative. Add Rajasthani bajot as an extra sitting space and also you can go for Rajasthani marble lamps for a perfect royal look. Choose metal and wooden decorative with meenakari and set the Rajasthani theme look.

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