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Have You Placed Your Vase Right?

Vases are the easiest way to make a room lovely. This basic thing not only brings structure & interest to your home but also dress up any space in a unique way. Although everyone tries to place the vase in an appropriate manner but sometimes it can give you a headache. So to cure a headache here is a checklist from which you can check and can place your vase in an apt way.

Check the space

The first check of placing the vase is the space where you are planning to keep. Always place your beautiful flower pot where you have space. Placing the vase in the already crowded place will only create mess & clutter. It is advised not to place the vase with your other decorative objects it will simply overcrowd the space.

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Place your vase on a small table top or place it in a corner alone, so that it will easily attract the eyes of the onlooker. You can also place it on the empty shelf, in the between of two lower sitting furniture, if any void is there. Use the vase to fill the void space in your home rather than overcrowding the space.

Check the style of vase

The second checkbox is the style you are choosing. Because of choosing a wrong style you may go offbeat. It is suggested to choose a theme matched vase. If the setup of your décor is a traditional theme you can go for a Rajasthani Hand-Painted Matki Style Pot. In a modern theme decor, transparent or vintage style vases will go well.

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Placing an ethnic theme flower pot in a western theme décor will only create a blunder and will definitely look odd. Better is to choose a theme based. A glass or marble vase will go well with every style of ambiance. Also look at the design of the flower pot sometimes it too can create an odd in the ambiance.

Check the size of the vase

Third Checkbox is about the size. Size matters a lot and can make or break the look of any ambiance. Placing an oversized vase in low space will not only fill the space but will also give a bulky look. First, take a look at the space where you are planning to keep it and choose a size smaller to avoid clutter. You can also go for a pair of flower vase of medium size.

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Also placing a big size on a smaller table top & placing a small on the very large tabletop will overshadow the look. Choose the size carefully as it always affects the space you own so be careful.

Check the color

The fourth Checkbox is the color you are choosing. Too bright or too dull can vanish the class of your adornment. If your ambiance is brightly decorated then go for a settle color or a transparent glass material. Ceramic or Blue Pottery vases can be also placed as they will give a royal look. If the ambiance is decorated with light pastel shades of the object then using a colorful bright color Rajasthani style hand painted vases will bring an element in decor.

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Generally, vases made from wrought iron and having shiny paint are good for keeping in living area. Marble vases are good for displaying in your study or bedroom area as they give a soothing touch to adornment.

Check the flower Decoration of vase

The fifth checkbox is about which flower you are pairing with your vase. Choosing a right flower for your pot is also very important. If you cannot change the flowers regularly then go for an artificial fragmented flower. If you have wrought iron pot then never fill it water instead of that pour some sand in the base and then you can insert flowers.

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Filling sand in transparent vases will not look good, so go for colored water or fresh water and then keep your flowers inside. Also sometimes some traditional style vases do not require decoration with the flower so keep them simple.

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