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Gotta-Patti – The Oldest Royal Embroidery of Rajasthan

Gotta-Patti is spectacular royal embroidery of Rajasthan which involves an array of techniques. Gotta work is also known as Gota-Kinari or Lappe ka Kaam. It’s a kind of metal embroidery on fabric. The cites like Jaipur, Bikaner, Ajmer, Udaipur, and Kota are the epicenter of uniquely styled Gota work. Earlier the patterns were created using appliqué technique with metals like Gold, Silver, Copper etc.

Origin & History of Gotta-Patti Embroidery:

The core origin of this embroidery is Rajasthan. Gotta work can be seen on colorful lehenga cholis, kurtas, sarees, and dupattas. Gotta-Patti work was quite prevalent during the Mughal Periods and was used to uplift the grace of almost everything. From clothes to bedspreads, to bags, and house related upholstery, gotta work was used as a common form of embellishment.

The work includes a ribbon which can be either in gold or silver. Later several shapes and motifs are made from that before being stitched onto the fabric or piece of cloth. The width of the ribbon totally depends on the requirement of the design. The most common fabrics used with this gotta work are georgette, chiffon, silk, and Bandhini.

The making of Gotta-Patti embroidery is a fine, long and time-consuming process. The procedure starts with tying the base fabric to the chord of a wooden structure. After that, a craftsman traces the design on the fabric with the help of chalk powder paste and tracing paper. Based on the required design, the Gota fabric is cut and folded into various shapes. After that, it is back stitched & hemmed on fabric.

The motifs used on Gota are inspired by the flora and fauna. Flowers, leaves, birds, and animals are some of the popular motifs used in Gota. Usually, this work is applied on edges of a fabric to create fancy patterns on the apparel. In Rajasthan, Gota work is extensively done on Dupattas and Ghagras and outfits with Gotta-Patti work look immensely beautiful.

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