Gara Embroidery, Embroidery of India, Handicrafts of India

Gara – A Persian style Exquisite Embroidery Of India

Gara embroidery is a blend of influences from India, China, Persia, and Europe. It is a needlepoint technique which involves creating a colored motif on fabric. It is one of the most intricate and beautiful embroideries which was adopted by the artisans of India long back.

The story of gara is centuries old, with influences from a number of regions. Initially, it was considered as the traditional art of Parsi family; but today this ancient Chinese art form has been revived to make exquisite sarees, which is loved by women all over India.

The history behind Gara Embroidery…

Gara found its root to India in the 8th century, when Parsis migrated from Persia to settle in Gujarat and other parts of western India. It was introduced in India by Parsi traders in the 19th century who used to travel to China to trade.

Inspired by the embroidery, Indian women started embroidering patterns on their sarees by themselves. In a combination of Parsi and Indian motif, the evolution of this embroidery happens. Because of a mixture of so many culture Gara embroidery is not only rare but also treasure worthy.

Embroidery of India, Gara Embroidery

The original Chinese gara embroidered outfits were considered quite bulky to wear since they had embroidered borders on all four sides. The most favored color was purple or violet.

Making of Gara embroidery:

This embroidery is typically white or pastel threads on vibrant colored fabrics. The motifs comprise of satin stitches, French knots, and long and short stitches and painstakingly small Chinese knots, also known as the Kha Kha stitch.

Gara embroidery is made by drawing design on paper first. After that, a small sample in the actual colors is prepared, & later the design is traced. The making of this embroidery takes 2 to 8 months on an average, depending on the complexity and density of the design. The craftsmanship is most important as the embroidery is so intricately done, that the background color surfaces as an outline.

Embroidery Of India, Gara Handicrafts, Handicrafts Of India

Nowadays, this embroidery can be seen on sarees and different style of fabric. This exclusive embroidery is very intricate and beautiful. It is the new fashion trend which is being adored by women of every age group.

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