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Gangaur – A Colorful Women’s Festival Of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is famous in the world from tourist point of attraction. The variety of attractions in Rajasthan offers a great tour to them. Different-Different cultural rituals and traditions give a major goal to tourists for visiting Rajasthan. Fairs and festivals are one of the focal points of Rajasthani culture, and when talking about a festival, Gangaur is one of them.

Gangaur in Udaipur, Mewar culture, Festivals of Udaipur,

Gangaur Festival is one of the most beautiful and colorful festivals of Rajasthan. This is a festival, which celebrates love and marriage and is dedicated to Goddess Gauri and Lord Shiva.  Held two weeks after the Holi festival, a large number of tourists from various places attend this gala Gangaur festival. There are many more things which you should know about Gangaur.

Importance of Gangaur festival…

This festival is celebrated for Gauri, the wife of Lord Shiva. Both married and unmarried women take part in this festival with a lot of enthusiasm. Gana means Lord Shiva and Gaur means Lord Parvati, the festival is all about marital fidelity and harvest. All the women and girls pray to Lord Shiva & Lord Parvati for prosperity.

Festival of Rajasthan, Culture of Rajasthan, Mewar Culture, Jaipur Gangaur

How it is celebrated…

The festival starts on the first day of Chaitra, the day next to Holi, and continues till the day of Gangaur.  Sculptures of God and Goddess are made out of clay for the rituals, and these idols are used for entire function. These idols are decorated like a bride and groom with various attires and jewelry. From the seventh day of Holi, women carry small earthen lamps and walk around the streets, singing ghudlia songs.

The last three days are the most colorful part of this festival. Localities adorn there deities like a bride and groom and follow all the rituals which are followed in a marriage. At an auspicious time, the locals form a procession with the deities on the head of married women. Then they place them near a pond or a lake and for next two days, worship is done.  On the final day, idols are immersed in water.

Rajasthani Festival, Festival of Udaipur, Gangaur of Jaipur


Although all the parts of Rajasthan celebrate this festival Jaipur & Udaipur are the main places where you will see the enthusiasm on a different level. A gala function is organized by the Royal families and people enjoy the fair and cultural diversities.


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