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Gamthi Embroidery : The magic of thick threads

A classy texture of thread on fabric is basically the main style of Gamthi embroidery. This embroidery is created by using thick vibrant threads. This colorful form of embroidery has a beautiful history and culture. Originated in Gujarat and is extremely popular in the state as it is considered a cultural reflection of the state. This form of embroidery is added on the ghagra choli, which is a well known Gujarati dress and is known for the texture of the embroidery

Origin of Gamthi Embroidery:

The word Gamthi is derived from work ‘Gaam’ which means village. Gamthi embroidery originated from the small village of Gujarat. While tracing this style of embroidery, it has trickled into Rajasthan as well, this is considered mainly a Gujarati form of embroidery. As inspired by a village, this embroidery is considered to be extremely real and true to the nature of the state at its purest.

Making Of Gamthi Embroidery:

Initially, the embroidery was made by hand. Sturdy fabrics are used due to the fact the thread that is used is usually quite thick; it can be wool thread also. Then a thicker needle instead of those needles used in fine work is used to make a design on the pattern. Due to the nature of the thread itself, extremely intricate work cannot be attempted while using this embroidery.

That is why the most patterns are bold and simplistic as opposed to highly intricate. Bold lines and geometrical shapes along with basic shapes resembling flowers are used as well. The embroidery mainly consists of an abstract pattern that looks quite similar to the contemporary Aztec print. This embroidery can be basically seen on various types of traditional attires.

Most commonly, the chaniya choli from Gujarat is made with Gamthi Embroidery and so are choli vests. This style of embroidery is the new trend in the fashion and almost adorned by every age group.

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