Cheriyal Scroll Painting A story telling on Canvas

Cheriyal Scroll Painting – A story telling on Canvas

Cheriyal is a small village, 85 Km away from Warangal and 100 Km from Hyderabad. This village is a hub to one of the most beautiful paintings Cheriyal Scroll painting. This place still has grip on its artistic tradition and people there are still into these traditional style paintings. This place is also the birth place of work which beautifully transforms a wall into any home or living space.

These paintings are made from earthy colors and fine detailing with traditional brush work. The painting depicts magnificent stories from the Epics, the Puranas, and other mythological tales. Also, the style of this painting involves the story which was usually told orally to the people of that place. These paintings were drawn on the Khadi Canvas carefully which was prepared for weeks for peeping it into right texture.

The images are not about only Gods and Goddess, they also depict humble farmers, women working on field etc day to day life general images. The paintings from Telangana region are the handicrafts of Nakashs, who are one of the artists who is doing this art from very long time. The Cheriyal Scroll painting is usually vertical, which depicts the story in series of horizontal panels.

Each panel depicts one part of the story and it is possible that one scroll can have even up to 50 panels. The choice of episodes drawn on the scroll of each deity depends on the caste for which the scroll is made. The canvas made is also a bit different and made from a process. Khadi cotton cloth is treated with a mixture of starch shuddh matti (white mud), a paste of boiled tamarind seeds and gum water. Every coating is dried completely before applying the next coating. And once the canvas is prepared the artist’s sketch the outline directly with a sharp brush and hence the painting is made.

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