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Boring Vase? Know How to Regain The Charm

We all have vases in our decor, as they are one of the beautiful part of any ambiance. Everybody loves to decor their home and wants a new change frequently. But buying new decor objects like vase and other is not economical and also space killer. So to ease your will of giving a new touch to your ambiance, here are some easy DIY ideas which you can apply to your old vase and can give a new look.

Green is beautiful with vase:

Your old metal vase, which is at the same place from years is now not grabbing your attention. No worries, simply sprinkle green. Use an artificial creeper plant or a beautiful crawler plant and twist it around the neck or at the bottom of the vase and make it look like a new one. If you have glass vases than wrap the creeper plant inside.

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Let it glow:

One of the most interesting ways to grab attention is to make it glow. Bring your fairy lights and wrap it around your vase, you can wrap it in any pattern, and if you have flowers in it, then. wrap the lights in the stems. Fairy lights will work like magic if you own glass vases, as the reflection of light will give a beautiful look.

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Set a pattern:

Setting a pattern depends on what material you own for your vase. If you have traditional Rajasthani matki style pot than you can adorn it with some beautiful white flowers. If you own a light shade pot then décor it with bright colors flowers as they will give a dramatic appeal. And if you cannot change the flowers, again and again, go for an artificial one.

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Play with base:

Sometimes the same place or base can make it look boring. If you had placed it on the floor than make it place on a moderate size stool. If you own a transparent pot then go for a traditional Rajasthani style colorful bajot or chowki style base. If the pot is very vibrant and bright than go for a glass top base.

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Give an artistic touch with vase:

Show your creativity; show off your artistic skills and give a new ravishing look to your old vase. If you have transparent jars then you can opt block painting and can give it a modern look. For ceramic vases, you can stick small different shapes mirror in a pattern for a Rajasthani touch. A metallic engraved vase can be retouched by glossy gold or silver paint.

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Get it glitter:

All that glitter may not be gold but surely looks beautiful. You don’t have to do much for a new look just add gloss to your vase. If you have transparent pot than fill the pot with glitter sand of any color. If not a transparent then adorn your beautiful pot with gold or silver glossy flowers and give a pretty classy look.

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