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Bomkai Silk – The relic textile beauty of Orissa

Bomkai Silk is also known as Sonepuri silk, is uniquely woven sari which hails from the western part of Orissa. The original and traditional weaving of this fabric was made in a low-count cotton yarn which is usually, coarse, heavy and dyed in intense colors. In an easy way, it can be explained as an extra weft technique on a pit loom.

This Silk is a unique outcome of Ikat and embroidery interwoven into each other. The very interesting thing about fabric is the borders which are often in contrasting colors and the pallus marked by intricate threadwork.

Origin of Bomkai Silk:

The origin of Bomkai emerges from the fact that this is one of the traditional faces of a designer Orissa; and, showcases the adept works of an artisan. Also known as Sonepuri this fabric was initially crafted in southern coastal parts of Orissa. And because of that the feel and touch of shores can be seen on the fabric.

Traditional Handicrafts of Orissa, Handicrafts of India

Locally known as “Bandha”, the Bomkai concept is an integral part of Orissa culture since 600 B.C. As an outcome of Ikat and embroidery weaved together, this was a magnificent innovation which takes over the textile industry.
This fabric was traditionally worn as auspicious attire by the Brahmins of the South during rituals. Sonepuri today is counted amongst one of the most highly thought of attires in the state of Orissa and an illustrious one in other parts of the country.

Earlier Bomkais were made using a technique known as jaalas. Woven with a low count of Cotton yarn, Bomkai saree is a weaving industry which makes use of both the weft and warp techniques. People of the Chikiti tehsil, Bomkai get its name from the Bomkai village of Orissa.

Various varieties of Bomkai has been introduced till date. Some of the most popular ones though include Sonepuri, Pasapali, Barpali, and Bapta saris. The intricate designs and beautiful color make it a mesmerizing piece of fabric.

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