Blue Pottery the unique art of Rajasthan

Blue Pottery – The mesmerizing craft of Rajasthan

Blue Pottery is one of the beautiful art and crafts of Rajasthan, which is generally found in Jaipur. Though it was originated from Turko-Persian Civilization and came to Jaipur via Mughal Courts.

There is a beautiful story behind this art. In 1727 founded by Sawai Jai Singh I, the historic city was well established. The Blue Pottery makes its interesting way in finding its home in Jaipur. Ram Singh II attended a kite festival and watched two brothers from Achnera brings down two Royal kites and got impressed by its design. Later he found they were potters by profession and had coated their strings with the same blue-green glass that they used for their pots. And then he invited the brothers to stay in Jaipur and teach this unique glaze of pottery.

The name of this art comes because of its eye-catching Persian blue dye to color the clay. The pottery made from Egyptian paste is glazed and low-fired some of this pottery is semi-transparent and mostly decorated with animal and bird motifs. There is a wide range of decorative such as vases, coasters, bowls, and boxes. Also, the blue color is derived from cobalt oxide, green from copper oxide and white and other non-conventional colors such as yellow and brown are also included sometimes.

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