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Blue Pottery – A Gem Of Rajasthani Handicrafts

The land of Rajasthan is full of ancient and exclusive craftsmanship. Intricate carvings and colorful culture bind the handicrafts of Rajasthan in a unique way. When exploring the Rajasthani handicrafts, Blue pottery is the gem of all the art of this state. An elegant craft which has always been a beautiful wonder has a very beautiful journey.

How Blue Pottery comes in limelight…

The journey of Blue pottery starts from the ruling period of King Swai Ram Singh of Jaipur. Initially, this art was adapted from Egyptian paste and dough technique. It started when once the king visited Delhi and saw the artifacts of this. And later king sends his artisans to Delhi to get trained and learn this technique. And later Jaipur becomes the main hub of this art.

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This beautiful art was appraised by the king so much that there has been recorded of using this art form in the construction of Jaipur city.  And as the tourists and visitors explore the city, the art becomes world famous.

Unique crafting of Blue Pottery…

One of the unique thing about this is that in crafting, clay is not used. It is blending of quartz stone powder, powdered glass, Multani Mitti, borax, gum, and water. Unlike the making of other pottery, the raw material and the composition is fired at the same temperature and only once in the entire process.

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As the artifacts of Blue Pottery are very fragile and delicate but, when handled carefully they can be used for years. Only the neck and the lip are shaped on the wheel, rest of the decoration and embellishments are done by hands only. The most common color used is blue which is made from the oxide of cobalt.

What Makes Blue Pottery an exclusive piece of art…

Blue pottery is one of the elegant handicrafts of Rajasthan which is renowned worldwide. This art has its own unique beauty, the color, texture, design all are blended beautifully on a single piece of artifacts. The first thing which grabs the attention is the classy combination of blue color with a white base. When you look at the designs, it gives you a glance of traditional Rajasthani folk art.

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The gaze of Blue pottery is royal, you can see many precious embellishments on the artifacts. Not only vases but you can see crockery, decorative, small accent pieces also made from this art.

The cites that celebrate blue pottery…

The main hub of this Rajasthani handicraft is Jaipur as it has a major source of quartz. You may find amazing handicrafts at different places of Jaipur. After Jaipur, Udaipur is the second hub of Blue Pottery. Artisans of these cities still use the traditional method of crafting and are extremely skilled. You can shop a wide variety of artifacts from these two cites.

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