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Bagru Printing – A Traditional Rajasthani Style of Printing

Bagru Printing is a beautiful block printing style which was basically originated from the land of Rajasthan. Bagru printing reflects the beauty of handcrafted Indian textiles coupled with modern or contemporary style. This technique was originated in a small village near Jaipur called as Bagru. Hence the name was given.

The motifs and designs involved in Bagru Printing are a bit typical. The prints are mostly inspired from flora and fauna or other nature elements. Majorly there are 5 different styles of motifs and designs. Flowers & Birds, Tendrils, Trellis or Jaal Designs, Geometrical motifs and human or animal figurative motifs.

Bagru Prinitng, Hand-block Printing, Rajasthani Handicrafts
Bagru print

Basically, Bagru printing is done on an Indio or some other dyed background, where the prints have a slight reddish hue. The traditionally printed motifs are large with bold lines. Most of the printing is done with a combination of small and large blocks. The platform on which these printings are done is called ‘Paatiya”

The process of Bagru Printing:

The process starts with cleaning the plain raw cloth. The proper cleaning of cloth is necessary for penetration of colors. After that, a paste is made by mixing cow-dung, soda ash and sesame oil and washes the cloth with it. The name of this process is sourcing which is also called ‘Harisarana’ locally.

Then the cloth is washed, dried and made ready for next step. Next step is ‘Harda’ treatment. Harda is a seed that is considered to be the most important element of printing and dyeing technique of Bagru. The seeds are powdered and mixed well with the water and then the clothes are dipped and then again dried.

Bagru print, Indian Handicrafts, Rajasthani Handicrafts, Home Decor
Bagru print

Next step involves the dying or creating the prints. Firstly the dye solutions are poured into a tray. Then the print presses are dipped in the tray and then onto the cloth until the pattern is complete. For every imprint, the block is pressed into the tray to get a fresh smear of paste. The border is done in last and highlights in different colors.

Bagru Printing is a natural process through which amazing designs are created. This is an exclusive art form of Rajasthani Handicrafts. Nowadays Bagru Printing can be seen almost everywhere, be its Skirts, Bedsheets, Wall Hangings, Cushion Covers Etc. This traditional art form has its own charming beauty which is adored all over the world.

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