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10 Budget-Friendly Rajasthani Metal Handicraft For Decor

One could never get bored with decorating their home. Changing the looks of a home is an ongoing process that is never stopped. But what to change is the though remains constant. So here are some awesome budget-friendly Rajasthani Metal handicraft which you can use in your home décor to give an eye-catchy look. Check out 10 amazing options

Pair of Swans

This Rajasthani Metal handicraft is a perfect decorative option for your moderate space requirements. These pair of Swans will give classy bling of beautiful color to your dull existing décor. You can place this pair of swans in your living area or in your hallways.

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Colorful Meenkari Ganesh Moorti

Give a holy vibe to your décor with this beautiful minimal size Ganesh Moorti. The beautiful statue has traditional Meenakari work on metal surface which will give your décor a pretty Rajasthani touch. Make it place in the entryway or in front of your living area.

Meenakari Ganesh Moorti, Rajasthani Metal Handicraft, Rajasthani Statues, Metal Handicrafts

Decorative Horse

For anyone who is seeking a little change but is also worried about the space, this is a perfect Rajasthani Metal handicraft for them. You can make this showpiece place in middle of your coffee table, on your corner or beside window of your entryway.

Decorative Horse Metal Statue, Rajasthani Metal Handicraft, Home Decor. <etal Showpiece, Metal Artifacts

Metal Tribal Lady

Don’t let your corner feel lonely with this classy metal tribal lady. Sometimes you forgot to look at the corner so this is a perfect piece for your corner. Although always try to choose a bright color as they will surely attract the eyes of onlookers.

Blue Decorative Tribal Lady, Diwali Gifts, Diwali Decor

Hand-Painted Metal Vase

Vases can never go wrong. Decorate your home with this classy Rajasthani design engraved metal vase. You can put artificial flowers in this and can give a floral breeze to your ambiance. And you can put it as an artefact in your décor to give a classy antique charm.

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Rajasthani Metal Handicrafts (Wall Hangings)

Let your wall do the talking; This Rajasthani Metal Handicraft is perfect for those who want a sassy add-on to their decor. The antique finish with tribal design this wall hanging will go well with your modern theme decor.

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Musician With Harmonium

Sometimes glossy touch in your existing décor gives a whole new life to the ambiance. This musician with harmonium is perfect for that. You can buy it in pairs and can adorn it in your wall mounted shelf or in your entryway.

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Rajasthani Metal Handicraft (Elephant Statue)

Metal elephants are one of the popular Rajasthani Metal Handicraft which always look extremely beautiful in ambiance. This elephant has authentic Meenakari work done with skilled artisans which makes it an exclusive décor piece. Make it place in your living area and create a focal point.

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Antique Rajasthani Metal Handicraft

An antique glare always does wonders in any ambiance, likewise this Rajasthani Metal Handicraft is a perfect figurine to give an exclusive vibe. Make it place on your corner piece, at your TV unit or wall mounted display units, the beauty of this is surely going to grab many eyes.

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Musician with Turban

Pull the musician strings of you and decorate your ambiance with this extremely beautiful handcrafted metal musician with a turban. This metal statue is suitable for both modern and traditional theme décor.

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Know How Thewa is An Exquisite Craft Of Rajasthan

In India every state has its own culture and its own exclusivity. Just like that Rajasthan has its own hand-crafted arts. Although with time many of the arts are vanishing, but some of the art is becoming popular day by day. And one of those art forms is Thewa. This is the only art of jewelry making that reflects the traditional culture and historical backdrop of Rajasthan in its motif and crafting. The journey of Thewa jewellery is as incredible as the war history of Rajasthan.

How Thewa is incredible handicrafts of Rajasthan…

The delicateness in making is the prime factor that makes it classy piece of jewellery. The whole process involves embossing of an intricately worked-out sheet of precious metal on a melted glass surface. And the traces of this art can be traced back to 400 years. This art still has its ground at its original place Prtapgarh.

Rajasthani Traditional Jewellery, Rajasthani Handicrafts, Art of Rajasthan

History of Thewa art…

Every art form in India has a cultural context which can be seen in the designs of that particular art. Just like that its origin can be traced 400 years back when the rulers of Pratapgarh gave a land grant to the families of the artisans practicing the craft. And from that period this place has become the main hub of this art.

It is also said that initially this craft was practiced by Bengali artisans, but because of not skilling this art form perfectly they moved to new art. Hence later, this art was purely done by skilled artisans of Pratapgarh. Earlier women were not taught about this art as the artisans do not share their skills with anybody.

Thewa Necklace, Rajasthani Art, Rajasthani Handicrafts, Rajasthani Traditional Jewellery

The unique making process…

The word Thewa is derived from local dialect ‘Tharna’ which means hammer. And the whole process mainly includes beating of metal. The initial process includes the treatment of glass by heating. It is heated up to that point where it becomes a glossy liquid. After the liquid is prepared it is molded into desired base.

 Rajasthani Handicrafts, Traditional Jewelry, Rajasthani Handicrafts
Thewa Jewelry

Then comes the main process; after that, the detailed work is done on that structure. Mostly the metal surface is beaten into thin sheets according to desired motifs and then are given a base of that glass mold. The motifs usually include peacocks, Rajputana designs, leaves, floral designs, etc. The whole process took approx one month.

Wonders of Thewa

This art can be seen in many forms but most popular is Jewellery. The specialty of these style of jewelry is its unique and colorful designs. With intricate detailing, they are versatile to wear and best for a classy look. Starting from small pendant to big Rani Haar you will find everything.

, Necklace Online, Rajasthani Traditional NEcklace, Rajasthani Jewellery, Rajasthani Handicrafts
Thewa Necklace
Rajasthani jewellery, Traditiona Handicrafts, Indian traditiona, Art of Rajasthan, Handcrafted Jewellery

Know The Exclusive Styles Of Rajasthani Jewellery

Rajasthan is a state where several royal rulers brought their traditions. This state is always in buzz because of its exclusive artistic culture and great warrior history. A glimpse of artistic culture can be seen on so many things and one of the best examples is Rajasthani jewellery. The beauty of Rajasthani jewellery is a combination of ongoing trends with intricate traditional designs. Here is a list of beautiful popular styles of Rajasthani jewellery which you can add in your wardrobe.

Kundan(Rajasthani Jewellery)

Kundan jewellery is one of the most attractive and exquisite styles of Rajasthani Jewellery which has its own uniqueness and demand. The manufacturing involves very detailed work. The Kundan stones are enameled in gold foils or silver foils and then molded in different motifs as per the requirement. You can wear this jewellery with any of your traditional style of apparel.

kundan necklace ,kundan set,traditional jewellery


Polki is the raw form of diamond which is not cut or polished. Because it is semi-polished and does not experience any chemical treatment, it gives a rustic touch to polki jewellery. This Rajasthani Jewellery was statement jewellery in the past era. But now you can see this popular among all the age groups. The technique used in crafting is exclusively done by the hands of skilled artisans.

Jewellery of India, Polka Jewellery, Handcrafted Art


Jadau jewellery is a combination of two different styles of Rajasthani Jewellery. It is one of the most luxurious styles which includes so many handcrafted enameling. In this technique, precious stones are embedded in gold combining the work of Kundan and Polki. The combination of these styles creates a beautiful style that gives an authentic charm and adds volume to your look.

Ethnic Kundan Earrings, Pair of earrings, Traditional earrings, Kundan earrings


It is one of the ancient styles of jewellery which has its own uniqueness and beauty. The technique of crafting involves the coloring of a metal surface with the glass. The coloring is called Meena. It is an extremely intricate process that includes skilled hands and great concertation. The pretty colors enameled with stones on metal makes it look amazing. One must have this style of jewellery in there wardrobe.

meenakari art, Rajasthani Jewellery, Traditional Art,Jewellery,

Thewa Rajasthani jewellery

Thewa is a core Rajasthani jewellery which includes enameling of metal on a glass surface. The motifs which are designed on the jewellery showcase the culture of Rajasthan. These styles of jewellery are the perfect statement piece of all the occasion. Also, they are light in weight so can be carried easily with any style of apparel. The general designs are peacock, royal procession, elephant, etc.

Thewa Jewelry,Traditional  Jewelry
Thewa Jewelry
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7 Famous Destination for Buying Rajasthani Handicrafts

There are many reasons why Rajasthan should be on top of your traveling list. The rich culture with war glory makes it a magnificent place to visit. Not only for experiencing the Rajputana culture but there are many other things which make it a beautiful place to visit. You will find everything from the palaces, forts, art, music, and culture to the food. But still, a vital part of your tour is Rajasthani Handicrafts.

With great culture and beautiful history, Rajasthan is also about intricate crafts and some exclusive handicrafts which you will find only in Rajasthan. So here is the list of places where you will find these exclusive Rajasthani Handicrafts.

Rajasthani Handicrafts in Jaipur

Jaipur the capital of Rajasthan has much more to offer you. It is the hub of beautiful Rajasthan Handicrafts. You can visit Johri Bazar for exclusive Kundan and Polka jewellery. For the traditional hand-made Blue pottery and exclusive mojari visit Bapu Bazar.

Rajasthani Handicrafts, Crafts of Rajasthan, Traditional Handicrafts

Rajasthani Handicrafts in Udaipur

Udaipur the city of lakes gives you many of the Rajasthani Handicrafts which you will cherish for a lifetime. For intricate wooden handicrafts, you can take a walking tour of the old city market. You will find hand-made leather bags, wood crafts, miniature paintings, and bandhej dupattas, etc. You can visit Hathi pol, Ghanta Ghar, Bada Bazar for finding the rarest handicrafts.

Handicrafts of Udaipur, Streets of Udaipur, Shopping in Udaipur, Hand made craft of udaipur


Jodhpur the sun city creates the most beautiful traditional wooden furniture. Take home the best of Rajasthani signature fabric, Bandhani from Nai Sarak. You can street shop in a clock tower and can buy antiques, Rajasthani paintings, footwear etc. You can also buy wooden puppets from the local street markets.

 Traditional Home Decor, Indian crafts, Hand-made crafts, Wooden Craft, Wooden Darban Set, Decor

Rajasthani Handicrafts in Jaisalmer

From the city of golden sand dunes, you will find extremely beautiful Rajasthani handicrafts. The one-stop-shop for all the handicrafts is Sadar Bazar. It is one market where you get everything with ample variety and wholesale pricing. You find jewellery, shawls, wooden items or souvenirs

Crafts of Jaisalmer, Home Decor, Rajasthan, City Shopping, Street Shopping


Rather than bhujia, the desert city is one of the most beautiful shopping destinations one could ever visit. One of the biggest markets in Bikaner, Mahatma Gandhi Road. You find signature Kundan jewellery, khadi textiles, etc. At Kote Gate, you will find earthen pots and miniature paintings along with other hand made wooden crafts.

Mochi Bajar, Bikaner Crafts, Handmade Crafts of Bikaner, Shopping in Bikaner, Foot wears, Mojari


The holy city is mostly known for its camel fair. This is the fair where you will find all the exclusive Rajasthani handicrafts from different cities in one place. Sadar Bazar is one of the markets you’ll find that perfect tribal jewelry made of silver and beads. The must picks are embroidery clothes and leatherware.

silver jewellery, Handicrafts of Pushkar, Silver jewellery of Pushkar

Rajasthani Handicrafts in Alwar

Rajasthan culture gives its unique feel in Alwar city, and it has also one of the biggest shopping markets. Malakhera Bazar one of the most popular shopping places in Alwar. The must picks of this market are fashion jewellery, clay sculptures products, Zardosi works.

Zardosi, Bandhani, Bhandhej Work, Traditional Crafts, Rajasthan, Handmade crafts



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17 Classy Jewellery Designs For This Wedding Season

For every woman in the world, her jewellery is not just an ornament complimenting her outfit; but a form that expresses her inner art. And when talking about Indian culture, jewellery is a rich cultural tradition in India. Be it marriage function, engagement party, small social gathering, wedding season or anything jewellery is the necessity of every occasion. So to sort out that necessity need here are 17 designs from which you can choose to wear in next coming occasions.

Hand-painted Traditional Necklace

Try something different and give a try to this unique hand-painted traditional necklace with your exclusive Indo-western dresses. The beautiful hand-painted tassel drop will look good with your chiffon saree.

Traditional Jewellery, jewelry India, Hand-crafted Jewelry, Necklace

Kundan jewellery Studded Charm

Kundan Jewellery always gives a classy vibe. The pink micro-pearls in four layers will give your neck a beautiful appeal. Wear it with and shade of white outfit to give a vibrant look to your appeal.

Rajasthani Kundan Studded Necklace Set, Kundan Necklace, Rajasthani Jewellery

Rajasthani jwellery Aad

Rajasthani Jewellery has its own aura; the class and charm cannot be beaten. This traditional choker known as aad will look immensely beautiful with your Rajputi Poshak, lehenga, and sarees.

Kundan Studded Rajasthani Aad, Rajasthani Jewellery, Traditional Jewelry

Rajputani Choker

Kundan studded motif attached to five-layer of micro pearl strands is surely eye-catchy statement jewellery. Make it wear with any style of traditional wear.

Rajwadi Ethnic Necklace Set, Necklace, Traditional Jewellery, traditional necklace

Pretty Semi-Precious Pearl Necklace

Simplicity has its own beauty and this is justified with this classy pearl necklace. Make it wear with your silk saree or with your semi-formal official party.

Ethnic Pearl Necklace With Earrings, Necklace set, Traditional Jewelry

Grace of Kundan jewellry for your fingers

While dressing up one should not forget about your hands. A small yet a game-changer possession is Kundan ring. You can wear this Kundan studded ring with saree, salwar-kurta, indo-western etc.

Kundan Studded Ethnic Ring, Kundan Rings, Traditional Rings, traditional jewelry

Dazzle with enameling

You never need your Jewellery to be glossy to mark your look, sometimes fine enameling can work like magic. Pair these classy pair of earrings with your heavy border saree or traditional beige color kurta.

Ethnic Kundan Earrings, Pair of earrings, Traditional earrings, Kundan earrings

Rajasthani choker

The beauty of choker is that it enhances the appeal of your neck. With the beautiful work of meenakari this elegant neckpiece with earring will give a glamorous look.

Ethnic Jade Stone Necklace With Earrings, Meenakari jewelry, traditional jewelry, rajasthani choker, choker necklace

Sassy Jade Stone Necklace

The best combination in jewellery is of Meenakari with Kundan work. Crafted with utmost fineness this micro pearl-studded necklace will give a dynamic charm to your appeal.

Ethnic Jade Stone Meenakari Necklace, Meenakari Jewellery, Indian jewelry, traditional jewelry

Simple and Beautiful Mala

Sometimes antique finish looks way better than any glossy finish. This elegant Mala is good for official parties and small functions.

Classy Semi Precious Stone Necklace, Kundan Necklace Set, Pearl Necklace set

Evergreen Peacock Pattern jewellery 

Peacock designs are exclusive and looks beautiful with traditional wear. Pair this neckpiece with brocade lehenga or banarasi saree and outshine on any occasion.

Peacock Motif Jade Stone Necklace, Necklace set, Traditional Necklace, Indian Necklace

Royal jewellery Charm

This wedding season gives a royal touch to your look. Choose this sassy Kundan motif with a semi-precious jade stone. This necklace is inspired by the royal era and will look good with any of your traditional or fusion outfits.

Ethnic Pearl Drop Semi-Precious Necklace, Necklace online, traditional jewelry online

Ethnic class jewellery 

A piece of perfect jewellery for your small kitty parties, social gatherings, engagement parties, etc. A perfect detailing of a pendant with a micro pearl strand is giving this neckpiece a pretty hue.

Ethnic Semi-Precious Necklace, Necklace online, Antique necklace, Traditional Necklace

Exquisite Traditional jewellery Charm  

Aesthetic appeal with modern touch is all you will get by wearing this classy traditional semi-precious jade stone necklace.

Traditional Jade Stone Neckpiece, Traditional Jewelry Online, Necklace set Online, Rajasthani Jewelry

Sassy Bracelet

Not in a mood of wearing a heavy necklace, simply go for an exclusive Kundan bracelet. Pair this bracelet with any of your outfits and catch the eyes.

Traditional Jade Stone Bracelet, Kundan Bracelets, Bracelet Online, Necklace Online