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Boring Vase? Know How to Regain The Charm

We all have vases in our decor, as they are one of the beautiful part of any ambiance. Everybody loves to decor their home and wants a new change frequently. But buying new decor objects like vase and other is not economical and also space killer. So to ease your will of giving a new touch to your ambiance, here are some easy DIY ideas which you can apply to your old vase and can give a new look.

Green is beautiful:

Your old metal vase, which is at the same place from years is now not grabbing your attention. No worries, simply sprinkle green. Use an artificial creeper plant or a beautiful crawler plant and twist it around the neck or at the bottom of the vase and make it look like a new one. If you have glass vases than wrap the creeper plant inside.

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Let it glow:

One of the most interesting ways to grab attention is to make it glow. Bring your fairy lights and wrap it around your vase, you can wrap it in any pattern, and if you have flowers in it, then. wrap the lights in the stems. Fairy lights will work like magic if you own glass vases, as the reflection of light will give a beautiful look.

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Set a pattern:

Setting a pattern depends on what material you own for your vase. If you have traditional Rajasthani matki style pot than you can adorn it with some beautiful white flowers. If you own a light shade pot then décor it with bright colors flowers as they will give a dramatic appeal. And if you cannot change the flowers, again and again, go for an artificial one.

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Play with base:

Sometimes the same place or base can make it look boring. If you had placed it on the floor than make it place on a moderate size stool. If you own a transparent pot then go for a traditional Rajasthani style colorful bajot or chowki style base. If the pot is very vibrant and bright than go for a glass top base.

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Give an artistic touch:

Show your creativity; show off your artistic skills and give a new ravishing look to your old vase. If you have transparent jars then you can opt block painting and can give it a modern look. For ceramic vases, you can stick small different shapes mirror in a pattern for a Rajasthani touch. A metallic engraved vase can be retouched by glossy gold or silver paint.

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Get it glitter:

All that glitter may not be gold but surely looks beautiful. You don’t have to do much for a new look just add gloss to your vase. If you have transparent pot than fill the pot with glitter sand of any color. If not a transparent then adorn your beautiful pot with gold or silver glossy flowers and give a pretty classy look.

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Gangaur – A Colorful Festival Of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is famous in the world from tourist point of attraction. The variety of attractions in Rajasthan offers a great tour to them. Different-Different cultural rituals and traditions give a major goal to tourists for visiting Rajasthan. Fairs and festivals are one of the focal points of Rajasthani culture, and when talking about a festival, Gangaur is one of them.

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Gangaur Festival is one of the most beautiful and colorful festivals of Rajasthan. This is a festival, which celebrates love and marriage and is dedicated to Goddess Gauri and Lord Shiva.  Held two weeks after the Holi festival, a large number of tourists from various places attend this gala Gangaur festival. There are many more things which you should know about Gangaur.

Importance of Gangaur festival…

This festival is celebrated for Gauri, the wife of Lord Shiva. Both married and unmarried women take part in this festival with a lot of enthusiasm. Gana means Lord Shiva and Gaur means Lord Parvati, the festival is all about marital fidelity and harvest. All the women and girls pray to Lord Shiva & Lord Parvati for prosperity.

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How Gangaur is celebrated…

The festival starts on the first day of Chaitra, the day next to Holi, and continues till the day of Gangaur.  Sculptures of God and Goddess are made out of clay for the rituals, and these idols are used for entire function. These idols are decorated like a bride and groom with various attires and jewelry. From the seventh day of Holi, women carry small earthen lamps and walk around the streets, singing ghudlia songs.

The last three days are the most colorful part of this festival. Localities adorn there deities like a bride and groom and follow all the rituals which are followed in a marriage. At an auspicious time, the locals form a procession with the deities on the head of married women. Then they place them near a pond or a lake and for next two days, worship is done.  On the final day, idols are immersed in water.

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Although all the parts of Rajasthan celebrate this festival Jaipur & Udaipur are the main places where you will see the enthusiasm on a different level. A gala function is organized by the Royal families and people enjoy the fair and cultural diversities.


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What Makes Tanjore Painting Exclusive?

The beauty of Tanjore painting includes its rich culture, its exclusivity and many more. Southern part of India is rich in artistic culture, and one of its amazing part is Tanjore Panting which also known as Thanjavur. It is a classical South Indian style painting which was inaugurated from the town Thanjavur of Tamil Nadu.

Although there so many arts which are special in their own ways, but the most unique thing about Tanjore painting is its storytelling art. Paintings are used to depict the visual counterpoint in narration in every region of India. Not only its visual impacts, but there are also many more things which makes it an interesting piece of art.

Tanjore Painting has its own unique story…

It one of the oldest art forms of India. It was devised during the 16th century, under the sovereignty of the Cholas. The theme of tanjore paintings is based on sacred God & Goddess. When talking about Thanjavur paintings it can also be described as religious paintings with a royal heritage. The themes of these paintings are fundamentally mythological.

The exclusivity creates its own magic…

Decorating the ambiance with these paintings give a classy different look to your home. These religious paintings showcase that, spirituality is the essence of creative work. Thanjavur painting not only looks beautiful but also gives sacred vibes.

The characteristics of the Tanjore paintings are their brilliant color schemes, decorative jewellery with stones and cut glasses and remarkable gold leaf work. This is one of the reasons why these paintings are exclusive.

 The center of attraction…

The beautiful use of gold leaf and precious and semi-precious stones gives a splendid visual treat. Because of its glossy golden color, it gives a dramatic appeal to your boring walls. The golden work of this painting will go great with both light and dark colored wall. The dual tone of Thanjavur paintings makes it easily bendable with all styles of Décor.

Traditional jewellery

Trendy Ways To Pair Traditional Jewellery With Western Outfits

There is always something so tempting and alluring about traditional jewellery. No matter how many styles of jewellery we own the best one is always classy traditional jewellery. Not only the designs and intricate fineness there are lot more things which makes it emotional as sometimes it belongs to your mother also.

But one of the tragic situations is how to pair it. Because in most of the current scenario people wear more of western outfits rather than a traditional one. So to sort this situation without irrupting your emotional touch here some easy ways in which you can pair your western outfit with your traditional jewellery.

Evergreen Kundan Jewellery:

Beautiful Kundan necklaces or earrings can be smartly paired with western dresses to create a unique look. You can team it with your off-shoulder dress like the Sonam Kapoor did it many of its events. If you are planning to wear a flared white gown for evening office party than wear a pretty Kundan dangler with it.

Kundan Jewellery, Traditional Jewellery, Handcrafted Jewellery

Let your Bangles do the talking:

Flaunt a chic look by pairing colorful traditional bangles with monochromatic dresses. Sometimes to stand out of the crowd you can even pair them with your smart crop top and a dhoti style pants. And here is one tip, while wearing a classy bangle don’t ruin your look by bombarding yourself with lots of accessories.

Traditional Bangles, Handcrafted jewellery, Traditional Jewellery

Swing those jhumkas:

Traditional Jewellery is incomplete without a pair of jhumkas. But one of the best thing about these jhumkas are that they can match up almost all types of your attire. You can easily charm up even a dull outfit with jhumkas. For a super sassy look adorn a pair of gold jhumkas with a high waist pencil skirt and a tube top.

Traditional Jhumkas, Traditional jewellery, Handcrafted Jewellery

Flaunt the class with Thewa Jewellery:

In traditional jewellery is one of the exclusive jewellery which will blend immensely will with the formal outfit. The beauty about Thewa is the classy not so shiny colors with intricate work of gold on glass. So while heading toward the office pair a pretty thewa pendant necklace with your white collar shirt and black trousers.

Traditional Thewa Jewellery, Traditional Jewellery

Splash the colors with Meenakari Jewellery:

Meenakari jewellery is the eternal piece of art in traditional jewellery. Meenakari jewellery is full of colors and pretty looks, so it is a very beautiful accessory for your daily looks. Going out shopping with your girls, wear Meenakari dangler with your off shoulder top and ripped denim. You can also pair it with your semi-formal outfits like kurta and trousers.

Meenakari Jewellery, Traditional Jewellery, Meenakari necklace

Silver Anklets:

The piece of jewellery that every Indian woman owns is a pair of anklets. From simple silver payals to pricey gold ghungroos, anklets are an ancient tradition that has always charmed our feet for centuries. Give your look a new boost by pairing traditional anklets with your ankle jeans and ripped crop top. You can even opt for a single anklet instead of a pair and make your own unique style statement.

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Get crowned by Maang Tikas:

The best you can use your maang tikas is by simply doing a pretty hairstyle and adorning it with your maang tika. Be it your kundan, diamond or gold maang tika simply wear it with any of your evening gowns as a pretty headband.

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5 World-Wide Famous Handicrafts Of Udaipur

Udaipur is the lavish vacation spot for those who adore natural beauty. The culture, the tradition the people around are just overwhelming. Not only the beauty but the streets of Udaipur has its own story, it’s a paradise for art lovers. For those who love art and are fond of historical art forms just have a visual tour to the inside of art streets of handicrafts of Udaipur

Miniature painting:

Art is an important part of any culture, the various art forms give insights of a different culture. Just like that, Miniature Paintings are a vital part of handicrafts of Udaipur. The most beautiful thing about this painting is the size. In the minimal size, the whole scenario is described with the beautiful colors. This is a must art piece which you should definitely adore on your wall. You can buy beautiful paintings.

Rajasthani Paintings, paintings of India, traditional paintings

Bandhani or Bandhej:

Bandhani is a type of tie-dye textile printing technique which revolves around a beautiful history and transformation. Bandhej is the renowned part of handicrafts of Udaipur which not locally but is admired globally. Bandhani is all about the beautiful textures and motifs with a combination of beautiful colors. For beautiful bandhani apparel, you must stroll the Hathipole market of Udaipur & should definitely buy one for your wardrobe.

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Marble Handicrafts:

Marble Decor items are the king of all the handicrafts. The beautiful designs and the classy texture is the prime beauty of these handicrafts. Marble is one of the royal stone which adds luxury to any ambiance. The market of handicrafts of Udaipur deals in exclusive styles of marble handicrafts which are exported worldwide. For checking out more; there is a place named Nathdwara which is near to Udaipur. You can visit there by public transport or private taxis and can explore the beautiful market of marble handicrafts.

Marble vase-Stone work- Bani thani- Handpainted-Handcrafted

Phad Paintings:

Phad paintings are the oldest and beautiful part of Handicrafts of Udaipur. In ancient times these paintings were an elaborated part of ritualistic songs and traditional customs. The interesting fact about these paintings is that these paintings are usually made on cloth or wall and mostly describe the story of local Hero-Gods- Pabuji and Dev Narayan Ji. If you want to decorate your wall with this beautiful painting you can find these at Jagdish Chowk Street.

Phad painting Rajasthan

Wooden Furniture:

Wooden Furniture holds a special place in handicrafts of Udaipur. The beautiful Rajasthani furniture which is traded all over the world is also made here. The most amazing thing about this Rajasthani furniture is the beautiful hand-painted painting and the motifs which are carved beautifully on the wood. You can find this furniture in the old city, where these are still made from hand carving without any usage of machines.

Wooden Corner with storage, Wooden Cabinet, Corners and pIllars, Rajasthani furniture, Handcrafrted
Wooden Corner Cum Storage

These all are the major parts of handicrafts of Udaipur. Those who are art lovers will see the glance of different art forms in the architecture of the city. With a beautiful glance, Udaipur is the city of exclusive Rajasthani Handicrafts. So whenever you visit you must take back home beautiful handicrafts from above place as a souvenir.