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Applique Work – Embroidery With a Unique Twist

Applique is a fine style of craftsmanship which includes employment of smaller patch of fabric sewed onto a larger fabric or surface. This embroidery derives its roots from French culture & it means something applied or pasted.  The unique designs and creativity made it survive for a long period and make it famous all over the world.

Applique work was started in…

The beautiful history cannot be pinpointed properly but it was an art which was derived from the necessity of harsh times. Applique was invented firstly when clothes were ripped & needed fixing in order to appear decent and wearable. Earlier craftsmen used to sew above the ripped area using patches of different material and later it becomes an art.

Applique Embroidery, Embroidery Designs, Making Of Applique Work

Applique work in India can be traced as back as the time when the women folks of communities of North Gujarat. Earlier the patchwork was done with cotton and silk, Bandhani and Mashru fabrics, covered with exuberant imaginative forms, both symmetrical and asymmetrical. Sometimes the different style of stitches also makes it a beautiful piece of art.

Making of Applique work….

The making process of this embroidery basically involves sewing with a type of needlework. In this various pieces of embroidery, fabric, or other materials are sewn onto another piece of fabric to create different designs, abstract patterns or pictures. You can generally see this work on banners, wall hangings etc.

Various quilts have vibrant color embroidery which gives a classy furnishing look to the ambiance. With respect to the work employs a number of stitches are used to attach the patch of cloth. The two most common style of stitching which is used generally is a Straight stitch or running stitch.

Making of Applique Work, Embroidery of India, Indian Handicrafts

Basically, Applique work was a need of situation and later become the demand of the fashion industry. People use quilts, sarees, wall hangings etc household things to decorate their lifestyle with a colorful touch.

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