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Ajrakh Block Printing – The Magical Carving on Fabric

In this modern era, the charm for old styles of printing is still not diminished. And while thinking about the oldest prints Ajrakh Block Printing is still one of the most popular prints. Ajrak clothes carry carries many meanings. The popular story of Ajrakh Block Printing among local printers is that Ajrakh means “keep it today.

The word Ajrak is also linked to the Arabic word indigo which symbolizes blue color. Ajrak is a type of block-printed textile which is done by resist-dyed using natural colors, including indigo and madder. It was initially crafted by Khatris community in Kutch, Gujarat and is identified by its color- blue with red – and its complex geometric & floral patterns.

Ajrak Block Print, Fabric Printing, Ajrak Sarees

Ajrakh Block Printing started in..

Ajrakh Block Printing dates back to early medieval times. Scraps of printed fragments which were believed to originate from Western India and this crafts was practiced by Khatri community of living in the banks of river Sandhu. Later these families migrated to Kutch from Sindh in the 16th century, when the king of Kutch recognized Ajrakh Block Printing & invited them to settle in.

Ajrakh Block, Block Printing, Block Printing Fabric, Ajrak Fabrics

What makes Ajrakh Block Printing so beautiful

Ajrak printing is a wooden block printing that involves exquisite designs carved on the wooden block. The design block is dipped in dye and the designs neatly printed on cotton & silk fabrics. Motifs generally found are geometric jewel-like shapes that contain the stars and flowers that Nature provides.

Water is an important element of the production of Ajrak cloth. Artisans take the cloth through a process that can involve over thirty separate steps. As first the cloth is prepared, then mordanted, then dyed. Through all the stages character of water influences everything-from the shades of colors to the success or failure of the final product.

Ajrakh Printing, Block Printing, Indian Handicrafts

Nowadays, Ajrakh Block Printing can be seen on almost everything, be it your kurta, or Ajrak printed sarees, blankets, pillows etc. The charm of this print is unique and very classy.

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