A Rajasthani Theme Dinner setup for your home

Hosting a dinner at home is something we all enjoy. But rather than hosting a dinner in an old regular style you can amaze your guest by setting the dining setup in a traditional Rajasthani theme. For this, you just have to change the setup in an easy manner. Here are some interesting ways in which you can set your dine area with a bit of shuffling your furniture…

Start with Seating Option:

The first thing which comes is the sitting style, and when hosting a Rajasthani theme dinner, it is the most important thing. You can go for a low heightened bajot; these bajots can be used in two ways, you can serve dinner to your guest on that bajot paired with some floor placed cushions as this will give a royal style feel to your guest. The second way is pairing your bajot with low heightened tables like instead of chair and table it will be bajot and table.


Chowki-Bajot,Handcrafted-handpainted bajot

Choose traditional Rajasthani menu:

Next thing comes is the food menu, you choose according to theme choose the traditional Rajasthani menu. You can opt from Daal, Bati, Churma, accompanied by a spicy Gutta curry. Also, you can add Ker Sangri vegetable, which will add an authentic taste of culture to the dinner. There is one more thing which you can add in the menu and that is Bajra chapati. Serve these things on traditional Thal rather than any Italian crockery.


rajasthani-bajot-chowki-handpainted furniture

Play with lighting options:

With seating options and food menu, you can play with the lighting options of the ambiance. Rather than fairy lights use natural lighting options like traditional old lantern style marble lamps, which you can place in the corner of your room from where the coming soothing light will enhance the looks of your setup. You can also hang or place traditionally carved metal tealight holders which will also give a soothing gaze in ambiance.


tealight holder-metal & wood crafts-handcrafted-traditional

Charm up décor with a Rajasthani touch:

With respect to all these things, you can experiment with the ambiance also. You can use some metal and wood crafts having some Kishangarh Paintings or having Mandana Designs. Place a handcrafted metal figurine or a Hookah. The ambiance will look good with all these setups and will enhance the charm of the dining setup.


traditional Hookah

Change the look of wall with Rajasthani jharokha:

Walls can be decorated with Jharokha, which will give a lifelike look and will also connect you with a traditional touch. The jharokha’s are the handcrafted windows, which can be hanged on the wall. This will give a royal old era charm of king’s palace style gaze in the ambiance. Also, these Jharokhas are so finely carved that they will create an eternal traditional gaze in the area.



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