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A Hand-Crafted Culture Of Rajasthan- Kathputli

Rajasthan is about diverse culture, you will find lots of colors in terms of traditions, arts, crafts, and rituals. People visit Rajasthan to experience a different cultural tour with respect to traditional and historical art forms. Tour of this state is incomplete without seeing the beautiful Rajasthani handicrafts. And when talking about handicrafts Kathputli is mesmerizing.

How it was named Kathputli…

The name got originated from two unique words of Hindi namely “Kath” means wood and “Putli” means doll with no life or toy. The existence of this art can be marked from more than 1000 years. Kathputli also knows as puppets are an intricate part of a Rajasthani culture as they showcase the royal history of Rajasthan.

Kathputli , Rajasthani handicrafts, Puppet Art

How Kathputli becomes popular entertainment source…

Initially in the ages where there was very less source of entertainment, royals, and locals used to enjoy the shows of this puppet art. These art forms were showcased as movie trails or like a drama. In starting “Putli Bhats” community people traveled through various parts of Rajasthan and entertained the masses with their own hand-made puppets.

Slowly it got advertised and for entertaining the kings and queens this community got the opportunity to perform. In ancient times it was a major source of entertainment.

Rajasthani Puppet, Puppet shows, Handicrafts of Udaipur, Art of Rajasthan

The beautiful hand-crafting process of Kathputli…

Generally, puppets are made of mango wood and filled with cotton. The most common thing about all the puppets is the vibrant colors used in crafting. Puppets are still made from hands in Rajasthan from skilled craftsmen. They are usually around 1.5 to 2 feet high. To differentiate, male puppets have legs and female don’t have, also the attires of the puppets are in traditional Rajasthani style.

Making of Kathputli, Rajasthani Culture, Folk Art of Rajasthan

First, a 9-inch wooden stick is cut and given the desired shape in the case of string puppets. The face is drawn on it using oil paint of matching human skin color. Nose, eyes, and lips are drawn using a gentle brush. Small pipes are attached to make hands. And later strings are attached to puppets.

Main hubs of  Kathputli in Rajasthan…

The main hubs of these puppets are Udaipur & Jaipur. In these cities, you can still watch the puppet shows and can get to know more about Rajasthani culture. Although at local level still some small artists perform this art and spread social messages. These puppets shows give a huge impact on entertaining people so nowadays so many social messages are also conveyed through these shows. Not for the shows, puppets are also a beautiful handicraft, which people love to adore in their home.

Handicrafts of Rajasthan, Kathputli, Puppets of Udaipur


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