9 Easy and Amazing Rangoli Designs For This Diwali

Rangoli designs are something which we all can relate, as they signify two things- Colors and Festivity, which we all enjoy. Be it any  the decoration is always incomplete without the Rangoli. The beautiful rangoli is a great way of adding colors to the gloomy monochrome life by adding some glamor to your Houses.
Peacock Rangoli
During festivals, rangoli is considered a tradition, a beautiful implementation of rituals which are generally followed in all the religions. Here are some beautiful designs, which you can try to make in your home…

A colorful Swastika Rangoli Design

Include the holy symbol swastika in your rangoli also and invite prosperity and happiness. Make this rangoli in your pooja ghar or on the entry way of your home.
Swastic Rangoli, Design, Art
Swastic Rangoli

Pretty Peacock Rangoli Designs:

A peacock is a beautiful bird, and it looks more beautiful when drawn with beautiful colors in your home. Draw it in porch area or in front of your door.

Peacock Rangoli, Traditional Design
Peacock Rangoli

Floral Rangoli designs with Fresh Flowers:

You can give a try to a floral rangoli also, made from fresh flower. This floral rangoli will look immensely beautiful in your anagan.

Floral Design, Fresh Flowers
Floral Rangoli

 A Ganpati Rangoli:

This festive season, make an interesting and divine Ganesha rangoli in your pooja ghar and invite happiness and good health.

Ganpati Design, Rangoli, Traditional
Ganpati Design

Traditional Mandana Design:

Want something different on your floor try this very finely detailed Rajasthani mandana design, and enhance the charm of your decor.

Mandana Design, Rajasthani, Traditional, Ethnic, Rangoli
Rajasthani Mandana Design

Simple yet Adorable Rangoli designs:

A beginner in this field, not a problem at all, a simple yet adorable rangoli design which you can make anywhere in your home.

Rangoli Design, Vinayk Design
Vinayak Design

Quick and Easy Rangoli Designs:

No time left for making a big rangoli, not an issue, here is a design for your last moment rangoli making and decorate it with beautiful Diya’s.

Rangoli Design
Rangoli Design

Some more Adorable Rangoli Designs

This festive season, even your rangoli will speak, below is an amazing design which you can choose for making it in your corridor.
Corridor Design
Corridor Design



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