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8 Vastu Tips To Invite Wealth & Prosperity In Your Lives

In today’s busy schedule we all are living life with full of worries and hassle. Although to keep the worries away we usually do so many things but somehow lack. But by simply adding easy and little vastu tips you can easily invite wealth & prosperity in our lives. These tips are not only easy but are must to be added to your lifestyle.

Placing Of Main Door As Per The Vastu :

According to Vastu tips, start with the direction of the main door of the home. The direction of the man door can determine the inflow of the money in the home. If the main door is in the favorable direction of an individual, it can bring good luck.

Placement Of Pooja Ghar As Per The Vastu


The second place which plays a major role according to vastu tips is the pooja ghar. This place occupies a lot of positive energy so always place your lords in North East corner. Also, keep the North-east corner clean as it is believed that Lord Kuber rules this corner.

Location Of Safe or Locker:

According to Vastu tips, safe should always be placed in the south or south-west direction so that it opens in the north. Also, the safe should never be near a window, ventilator, the main door or the back door.

Fish aquarium to invite wealth

It is suggested to keep the fish aquarium in the north or east direction of the living room according to Vastu tips. The water elements bring prosperity and wealth and also keep the tank clean and hygienic to attract positive energies.

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The direction of Staircase According to vastu :

According to Vastu tips, the construction of staircase should be in west or south direction only and never in the north-east direction. Also, the number of steps in a staircase should always be in odd. Never place your lords under the space of staircase.

Color Selection:

In the north direction, it is advised to make blue is main color according to Vastu tips. Avoid red shade, designating space for kitchen and toilet. Avoid dark colors in the home to invite peace and prosperity and to create a spacious arena.

Keeping Money Plant Inside the home:

As per Vastu tips, keeping the money plant in a green vase in the north direction helps attract money and better career opportunities. Even a bamboo plant, a painting of thick forest or lush green field, brings abundance and wealth.

Clocks in the Home:

Clocks are devices that, according to Vastu, energies a direction. Make sure that all clocks in your house are in working condition. It is said that slow or non-functional clocks symbolize delays or stagnation in your finances. Vastu suggests that placing clocks in the north or northeast direction will bring wealth and prosperity.

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