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8 Step by Step Diwali Decoration Ideas

As Diwali festival is rushing, the festive vibe in every home is also increasing. All around, people are busy in shopping for Diwali decoration. In this hustle and rustle, every homemaker is stressed about how to give a unique and beautiful look to the home. So to decrease that tension here are step by step ideas starting from your outdoor entrance to your balcony.

Diwali Decoration for outdoor entrance:

Outdoor entrance is the place which is first noticed by everyone, so the Diwali Decoration Starts from their itself. For decoration, you can go for Metal Hangings and can hang them in pair besides your main gate. As this is the Diwali festival you can also go for wall hanging diya and can hang it beside your nameplate. For wall hanging you can choose from divine hanging like Swastik or Kanhaiya leaf hanging.

Brass Wall Hangings, Brass handicrafts, Brass Statues, Diwali Decoration
Brass Wall Hangings

Traditional style Diwali Decoration for entryway:

Next, comes the entrance. Here you have to decorate your home in a space-savvy manner. For the entryway, you can choose to decorate it in traditional style. You can place a decorative pair of swords or a beautiful Brass Deepak. On the walls of the entryway, you can hang a beautiful wall mounted wooden Jharokha or a dancing lady wall hanging.

Holy Peacock Brass Diya, Brass Deepak, Brass Statues
Holy Peacock Brass Diya

Flaunt the gloss of Brass in living area:

The living area is the center of attraction in Diwali decoration. Rather than going for a regular look, this Diwali flaunts the beauty of your ambiance with brassy touch. Opt for brass decorative like for your center table place a set of brass musicians. For your display unit, you can go for a classy divine Brass Statue of Ram Darbar, which will blend well with the festive theme.

Brass Statues, Brass Handicrafts, Rajasthani Handicrafts, Diwali Decoration
Brass Statues

Beautify staircase with hand painted Vases :

In Diwali Decoration, you should not miss the decoration of staircase. In the staircase, you can place some beautiful Rajasthani Style Hand-Painted Vases. These vases can be decorated with an artificial fragmented flower. You can also place the vases in pair to enhance the beauty and ravish the charm of your place.

Hand-Painted Vase, Rajasthani Vases, Rajasthani Handicrafts
Hand-Painted Vase

Outshine your corners with Rajasthani touch.

In Diwali Decoration, the most hectic part of the decoration is to decorate the corner. To make it easy you can go for a Rajasthani Style Darban. These Darbans comes in pair with beautiful colors and looks great in the corner. You can also go for some decorative wooden pillars and corners and can beautify your corner.

Rajasthani Darban, Rajasthani Handicrafts, Decor gifts , Wooden Darban
Rajasthani Darban

Meenakari touch to dining area:

Dine Area is the place where your entire guest gathers. So for that gathering, besides of beautiful crockery you can flaunt your decoration by Meenakari Dry fruit Boxes and hand painted Mukhwas Boxes. Place beautiful and artistic Mukhwas box with Meena work in the center of your table along with some Rajasthani Style Hand-Painted tea-coasters.

Wooden Tea-Coaster, Wooden Mukhwas Box, Rajasthani Handicrafts, Diwali Decoration
Wooden Tea-Coaster

Brighten the glance of Diwali Decoration with the elegance of Marble Lamps:

Lighting is also a key factor of Diwali decoration. Although you can décor your ambiances with lots of Diya but for exclusive glance switch to marble lamps. The Marble Lamps have beautiful colors with an artistic design which will lighten the festive mood in a charming way. Also, these lamps come with light adjusting feature so according to your use you can adjust.

Marble Handicrafts, Stone Art, Lanterns, Vasses, Decor Products
Marble Handicrafts

Classy tea light holder for balcony decoration:

While decorating each and every single corner of the home, one should not miss the Balcony area. For balcony Diwali decoration, you can choose from various kinds of Tea Light Holders. Some of the tea light holders come in lantern style which you can hang in corner of your balcony. Some can be hanged on the wall to brighten the area.

Tea Light Holder, Rajasthani Handicrafts, decor items
Tea Light Holder


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