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8 Beautiful Diwali Gift Options For Your Peer Group

As the Diwali festival is rushing, the joy of festival is also rushing. The delightful time of year has finally arrived; it is the time for some sweets and some beautiful Diwali decoration.  As the crackers and decoration is the main part of Diwali decoration just like that another important thing about this festival is the Diwali gift.

Gifts exchange is the very important part of Diwali as it doubles the joy festival. Choosing a gift is sometimes as hard as choosing a right décor for your home. So to lower the confusion save the time here are 8 gifts options which you can consider while choosing a gift for your near and dear one.

Tea-Light Holders

Diwali is the festival of lights so gifting light options to brighten their décor is the best gift anyone could receive. And for gifting lights, you can opt for beautiful tea-light holders as Diwali gift. There are many options from which you can choose, but again it depends on the ambiance. If you are gifting it for office area then go for wall mounted and if for personal space you can choose from metallic traditional tea-light holders.

Lantern Style Tea Light Holder, Tea Light Holder,

Wine Boxes as diwali gift

Wine box is one of the best Diwali gifts which you can gift to a friend. While gifting rare wine instead of doing a normal gift wrapping go for an exclusive wine box packing. You can choose from handcrafted Rajasthani Style Wine boxes having a beautiful traditional painting or having some animal face in front.

Rajasthani Wine Box,

Metal Decorative ( Best for Diwali Gift)

Metal decorative is the versatile Diwali Gift which will suit any ambiance; be it a modern or a traditional themed decor. You can opt from beautifully handcrafted metal figurines or Rajasthani metal handicrafts with beautiful hand-paints.

Blue Decorative Tribal Lady, Diwali Gifts, Diwali Decor

Hand-painted Tea-Coasters For diwali gift

Tea-Coasters are evergreen Diwali Gift which is full of utility. This option can also be used as bulk gifting options for corporate and official purposes as they are economical. But while choosing it for your near and dear one, you can opt from Miniature painting painted Tea-Coasters of Rajasthani theme. The wooden handcrafted tea-coasters are the exclusive gift option which will be adored by everyone.

Set of Six Tea-Coaster with Rajasthani Painting, Corporate Gifts, Rajasthani Handicrafts

Marble Artifacts

When you want to gift classy beauty as Diwali gift always choose marble artifacts. Marble handicrafts are always a beautiful piece of art which immediately gives a royal charm to any ambiance. You can gift, traditional marble lanterns, Marble Lamps, Marble Statues etc.

Marble Mobile Stand, Marble Handicrafts, Corporate gifts

Mukhwas Box

Mukhwas box is one of the Diwali gift options, which comes with utility and beauty. Mukhwas box is the economical yet super classy gifts which can also be used as corporate gift options. You can choose from a handcrafted Rajasthani wooden Mukhwas box, hand-painted boxes, and metallic boxes.

Mukhwas Box, Rajasthani Handicrafts, Diwali Gifts,

Magazine Holders

Although magazine holder is a common Diwali gift option, it will be a bliss for those who are into reading. So if you have any friend who loves to read than magazine holders are perfect gift options. You can choose from portable magazine holder so that they can carry them wherever they are moving. Also a hand-painted with Rajasthani art on will add class to your gift.

magazine folder, traditional  hand-painted folder

Traditional paintings

There nothing more beautiful than gifting a piece of art, and they the joy doubles when the receiver is art admirer. You can choose from small sized canvas painting, traditional Rajput Paintings, Rajasthani Miniature painting as they will create a mesmerizing effect in the adornment.

Miniature Painting , Rajasthani Painting,Corporate Gifts

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