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7 Vastu Mistakes to Avoid While Placing God Statues

God Statues are the holiest and divine part of every home. But while placing them in the abode we commit some small mistakes which sometimes leads to negative things. So to invite more peace and calmness here 7 mistakes which you should avoid while placing the god idols in the home.

Placing of God statue in the wrong direction. The first mistake which is usually committed is the placing of idols or pooja ghar in the wrong direction. It is always suggested to place the temple in North East corner of a home. So by placing the temple and figurines in this direction, you will welcome positive energy and good luck in a home.

Wrong Facing of God Statue. Usually, people place god idols in any direction, which is not correct. So, God statues should be placed by making them face in west direction. By making them face in the west direction you invite creative energies. Idol of Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, Sun, Indra etc. should be west facing and place Shri Hanuman’s idol southwest facing.

Placing God Statue anywhere in your home. Sometimes just for the purpose of decoration people place the god idols anywhere in the home. So always place them in a clean place and never on the floor. Always put them on a clean base and never place them in adjacent to your bathroom’s wall or near your bar cabinet.

Ambiance not taken care properly while placing idols. Another thing is the ambiance, by putting anything near your temple is not a good way. Always try to clean the surroundings as that is the holy place of your home. You can also lit fragmented incense stick or diyas to make that place beautiful and more divine.

The wrong pairing of god idols in pooja room. You can pair Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, Sun, Indra etc together as they all are west facing deity. Pair Shri Ganesh, Goddess Durga together as they are south facing Idols. It is suggested not to place Lord Natraj Figurine with rest of the idols, make it place in your living area.

Placing of a temple at the wrong height. The placing of temple should be at a considerable height from the ground. The height should be moderate enough so that when the idol or portrait of the god is placed on it, the base of the idol or portrait should be at the level of an adult’s chest. If it is  higher than that, it becomes harder for the devotee to see the idol’s face. And if it is lower than that level, then it becomes disrespectful towards the god to be placed at such a low level compared to the devotee. So make it place on moderate height, by considering both the cases.

Also one should never place the picture of a departed one in the temple. It is considered to be a disrespect of the gods to keep them on the same pedestal, and hence should be avoided at all costs. Also placing should be taken care importantly.

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