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7 Styles Of Rajasthani Furniture That Will Fit Your Decor

Be it a modern apartment in a metropolitan city or a picturesque house in a small town, the one thing which defines the beauty of a home is its decor. Some may like their ambiance to give a classy vibe, some may like a lavish glance or some adore the Traditional touch with Rajasthani furniture while some like to keep it simple.

The Home decor theme depends on one individual’s choice. But one thing which everyone want is the constant beautiful change in their decor which can give a new touch. So, to give a new option to your decor here are 7 styles of Rajasthani Furniture from which you can choose. Check what will go well with what.

Foldable Rajasthani furniture with Miniature Paintings

Foldable chairs are one of the best Rajasthani Furniture which will give you the utmost comfort with beauty. Rajasthani chairs are a flexible add on which can be merged into any area of your home. Be it your living area, dining area, outdoor area, bedroom area. These chairs come with Miniature paintings or Rajputana Paintings which are hand-painted.

Foldable Chair, Wooden Chair, Foldable Chairs,

You can buy them in pairs and can keep them in your living area alongside your wall. In the bedroom area, these chairs can be used as a sitting space for reading or for having your morning coffee. Place it in your balcony space. The best thing about these is its foldable feature so when not in use fold it and keep it aside.

Meenakari Stools – A perfect depict of Rajasthani furniture

Meenakari Stools is a beautiful minimalist option of Rajasthani Furniture which can fit from tight space to wide space. These stools have Meenakari on the surface of the furniture which gives a classy blingy glance. As in a modern theme, decor adding a colorful stool may sound odd but it will give a dramatic look to your dull ambiance.

Meenakari Stool,Meenakari

Meenakari stools will work great with a traditional theme décor. If you have little space in your home but still want a change then add this type of stool. Sometimes these stools can also be a charming base to your antique vase.

Wooden Chowki – Rajasthani furniture for lower sitting

Wooden Chowki also knows as bajot is one of the types of Rajasthani Furniture which is not known by so many people. This furniture piece plays an underdog character as it has so many features that are not known. It is a versatile option that can be used from sitting purpose to a decorative purpose. These handmade Rajasthani wooden bajot have beautiful paintings of traditional folk art which gives a classy glance to the ambiance.

Hand Painted Rajasthani Bajot, Rajasthani Furniture, Handcrafted Rajasthani Art, Traditional Handicrafts

You can also keep it in your pooja room and can use it for worshipping God. In an already existing décor theme, this chowki will blend well and its wooden finish will give a new charm to your adornment.

Wardrobes With Kishangarh Paintings

Storage options are the prime demand of home décor, and the joy gets doubles when it comes to eternal beauty. These Wardrobes have beautiful miniature paintings which are hand-painted by skilled artisans which will give a classy appeal. The beauty of these wardrobes is its compact size, so you can place it anywhere.

Rajasthani Wardrobe, Wardrobes, Traditional Furniture

You can place Rajasthani wardrobes in your living area and could store your daily usable precious. In the study room, you can use it as extra space for keeping your book. In a bedroom area, this can be used as an extra storage space.

Hand-Painted Corners

Corners are the elegant furniture piece that will hide your unused space of a home and will give them a meaning full look. There are many styles which you can choose from. Multi-tier corners, covered pillars, wooden crafted pillars.

Corner and Pillar, Wooden Cabinet, Traditional Rajasthani style, Wooden Corner
Rajasthani Wooden COrner and Pillar

If you want to give your corner an open look with multiple utilities then choose multi-tier. For a cutter free look use compact size Rajasthani pillar. If you have a big space left out for the corner then use a heritage look wooden corner.

Chest Of Drawers With Mewar Paintings

The beauty of this style of Rajasthani furniture is its storage capacity. In every home decor lack of space is a major concern but Rajasthani Chest of Drawers will suffice this need.  The versatility of this furniture piece makes it suitable for any nook of your home.

Chest of Drawers, Rajasthani Chest of Drawers, Rajasthani Handicrafts
Chest of Drawers

These chests of drawers come with beautiful Mewar painting which majorly depicts the colorful Rajasthani furniture. The color theme of these drawers blends immensely beautiful with both modern themes and traditional theme decor.

Coffee Tables with Rajputana Paintings

Coffee tables are the focal points of any living room. Rajasthani coffee tables are one of the most beautiful furniture pieces you will ever see. These tables have elegant wooden engravings with hand-painting Rajputana paintings.

Rajasthani Table, Furniture, Tables, Wooden Coffee Table

These beautiful coffee tables can be used in your outdoor area, in your bedrooms, in your living areas etc. The beautiful wooden finish of these coffee tables will blend with your light as well as dark theme decor.

Rajasthani Furniture style is one of the most unique styles of furniture which can refurbish your boring decor. The unique thing about these styles of furniture is hand-crafting which ensures longevity. It’s a charming economical investment that will magically beautify your decor.


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