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7 Pretty Lighting option for your decor

Lightning to an ambiance is just as icing on a cake. The perfect lighting options in the decor enhance the beauty of ambiance and add a style element in your home. But what to choose in lighting option is the other question arrives in mind so, to answer this question here are 8 amazing pretty lighting option, from which you can choose and can adore your home in an interesting and classy way….

Antique Tealight Holder- lighting option

This is a pair of tealight holder, which is crafted in antique style. The pair of tealight holder is in circular shape still, you can place it on any surface. With intricate carving, this Tealight Holder has a beautiful design which will give a soothing light when you will place any candle in it. You can also hang this pair of tealight holder in your outdoor area or your balcony area, this will be an amazing lighting option in your decor.

Tealight Holder, Pair of tealight holder, Antique, Traditional, Metal Tealight holder, Handcrafted,lighting  option
Antique Tealight Holder

Swan Tealight Holder

To give a unique touch in your ambiance you can opt this Swan shaped tealight holders. Comes in pair these tea light holder are different in shape, so when you are organizing any dinner at your home you can simply light a candle inside and can brighten the ambiance with a soothing gaze. Also, this tealight holder is made from metal and has an antique gold color finish which will look super awesome in day times also.

Tealight Holder, Pair of Swan Tealight Holder, Lamps and shades, Antique
Swan Tealight Holder

Vintage Tealight Holder

Vintage style tealight holder is an amazing dual function lighting option for your decor. You can hang it or can place it anywhere in your ambiance. But if you want something stylish yet classy for your garden area, you should definitely opt this.  The tealight holder is shaped in such a manner that when you will place the candle inside it will give a soothing light and the engraved design will also look super amazing.

Tealight Holder, Vintage style, Home decor, Antique, Rajasthani, Handicrafts,lighting option
Vintage Tealight Holder

Royal Tealight Holder

This Royal Tealight holder is a traditional style holder. These styles of holders were used in old time, so to relive that old time era you can hang this holder in your entryway or in your outdoor areas. This holder has beautiful pores on the surface from which when you will light the candle inside, a soothing light will ravish the ambiance in a classy way.

Tealight Holder, Traditional style, Home Decor, Handcrafted, Antique
Royal Tealight Holder

Decorative lighting option –  Lamp Cum Seating

Decorative Lamp Cum Seating is a unique lighting option for any decor. This lamp can also be used a stool for sitting purpose and can also be as a lamp in night times. You can place the lamp in your living area in your bedroom, in your study area wherever you want. The light coming from this decorative lamp cum seating will be bright and soothing.

Lamps and Shades, Lamp cum Stool, Home decor, Sea Shells, Lighting option
Decorative Lamp Cum Seating

Mayur Marble Lamp-lighting option

Marble lamps are pretty and elegant lighting option for any decor. Made from famous marble this lamp is in old lantern shape which will give a traditional Rajasthani look in your ambiance. This lamp has exclusive stone art with a colorful peacock painted on its surface which will give a classy charm to the ambiance.

Marble Lamp, Stone work, Rajasthani, Traditional, Handcrafted, Home decor,lighting options,lamps and shades,lig
Mayur Marble Lamp

Seashell Lamp

Made from Sea Shells this lamp will be an awesome lighting option for any decor. Crafted elegantly with shells this lamp will give very soothing light and will not be stress full to the eyes. You can make it place in your living area corner or in your bedroom it will blend well with any kind of ambiance.

Lamp, Seashell Lamp, Shades, Home Decor, lighting option
Seashell Lamp


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