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7 Pretty Decorative Wall Clock For Every Home Decor

From Table to wall, from your working desk to your favourite restaurant wall, Wall clock is the classy and decorative decor option. Time piece always enhances the beauty of the ambience and gives a unique glance. There are many ways in which you can involve them in your decor and there are many variants from which you can choose.  Here are 7 decorative timepieces and compass which you can involve in your home..

Peacock Wooden Clock

For all those who wants a traditional touch in your home, can opt for this peacock wooden wall clock. With pretty colors and the glossy effect, this can be hanged on living area wall of your home. If you have light color painted feature wall in your bedroom them you can hang it there and can make your ambiance look appealing.

Peacock Wooden Clock, Wall Clock, Wall Decor, Home Decor
Peacock Wooden Clock

Vintage Compass:

Vintage compass is a super classy and elegant decorative option which will blend with every home decor. With glossy shiny surface, this antique style compass can be placed anywhere in your home. Make it place on your living area display unit; on your TV Unit; on your center table of living area or in side of your sofa. This can also be placed in your workspace reception area.

Vintage Compass, Decorative Compass, Home Decor, Wall Decor
Vintage Compass

Antique Brass Time piece:

This kind of time piece is pocket sized, which were earlier carried by royal people in vintage time. This antique style pocket watch can be added to your collection. This can be used as a gift option for your near and dear ones. You can also hang it on your wall with a gold or rusted chain with other two wall clocks. Another place where you can keep it is in your bedroom near your night lamp.

Antique Brass Time piece, Pocket Watch, Watch, Brass Watch, Clock
Antique Brass Time piece

Antique Brass Time Pieces with Compass:

It is basically a table clock with a compass which will give a throwback of a royal era in your present decor. Make it place on your side table in your bedroom; with your display unit with other antiques; on your coffee table in living area; at your dining table. You can also place it on your reception area if you own a restaurant or lounge.

Antique Brass Time Pieces with Compass, Wall Decor, Home Decor, Table Watch, Clock
Antique Brass Time Pieces with Compass

Antique watch:

This unique looking watch has old coins on its surface, which makes it look unique and exclusive in any ambiance. Hang it on light colored painted wall or light peach colored painted wall and enhance the beauty of your decor in a royal style. This exclusive watch can also be used as gifting option to your near and dear one on any occasion.

Antique watch, Wall Clock, Wall Decor, Home Decor
Antique watch

Vintage Wall Clock:

With beautiful engraving on a brass sheet, this vintage wall clock will be icing on your beautiful wall. Make it hang on your living area wall, on your dining area wall or on your bedroom area wall. The goldish color of this wall clock will give an eye catchy glaze in your ambiance. The wall clock will look best on a dark blue or maroon color painted wall.

Vintage Wall Clock, Wall Decor, Decorative wall Clock
Vintage Wall Clock

Classic Wooden Wall Clock:

Class of wood never goes out of style. This wooden timepiece will be a classy addition to your decor. If you have dark painted feature wall or textured painted feature wall then it will look extremely beautiful on your wall. The wooden engraving on the surface makes the time peace attractive and also enhance the charm of ambiance.

Classic Wooden Wall Clock, Wooden Clock, Wooden Handicrafts, Wood Art, Wall Decor
Classic Wooden Wall Clock

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