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7 Mistakes To Avoid For Pooja Ghar According To Vastu

Pooja Ghar is the Holy heart of every home. It is the most sacred part of every home where every member of the family sits and pray. As you worship, keep religious texts, Idols, and images of deity’s and other Godly belongings in this room, hence you must protect this room from negative energies. But sometimes you commit some mistakes which are bad according to Vastu. So here are some mistakes which one should avoid in pooja ghar.

 Not paying attention to the direction of Pooja Ghar:

The first and most common mistake is to be not careful about the direction of Pooja Ghar. It is always advised to place your holy room in south direction. The north-east corner is the best direction for placing your Temple. Placing the temple in wrong direction gives negative energy and creates unnecessary hustle and stress in the home.

Direction of pooja ghar according to vastu

Choosing wrong location of pooja ghar

After the direction, another important thing is to check the location. Sometimes because of a shortage of space, people place the temple under the staircase space, or near the kitchen or toilet area. Always keep the pooja place on the ground floor. And if not that, then in your living area space away from kitchen or lobby area.

Pooja Ghar , Vastu of Pooja ghar

The inappropriate placing of God Idols:

Not all the direction is good for placing your divine God statues. Keep the idols in east or west of the pooja ghar. Before placing make sure that the idols are in good condition, never use idols with any breakage as they are not considered auspicious. Place the idols a few inches (at least an inch) away from wall and idols should never face towards the south.

Vastushatra of pooja ghar, Vastushastra tips

Mismatching the lights:

Generally, people use any color of light in the Pooja ghar, which is not considered correct according to vastu. Use white, light yellow or light blue colors for walls of pooja room and plain white can also be used. You can also place an Agni Kund in the southeast or eastern side of the Pooja room.

Vastushatra tips for pooja ghar

False decoration:

Never and ever place the photographs of any random people or your dead ancestors inside your pooja room. Try to decorate the pooja ghar with fresh flowers instead of an artificial one as they will give a positive vibe.

Height pf god statues to be placed according to vastu, Vastushastra

Cluttered ambiance:

Cleanliness is the must vastu advice for every part of your home. Never keep dustbin or any storage cabinet in the pooja ghar as it will stop the flow of positive energy. Don’t keep the items in the pooja area that do not belong there.

Ganesha Sitting on Peacock- Brass Statue, Brass Handicrafts, Diwali Decoration

Random structure of Pooja ghar:

Structure or architecture plays an important role in vastu. Sometimes because of unique looking design, we choose wrong structure. Always choose the temple with pyramid shape roof as it is considered very auspicious.

Ganesha Brass Statue, Brass Statues, Rajasthani Handicrafts, Decorati God Idol
Ganpati Brass Idol

These are some very important vastu tips which must be kept in mind while decorating your pooja ghar. As by right vastu arrangement, your home will be filled with wealth and prosperity.



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