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7 Feng Shui Tips To Invite Good Fortune

Whether you are superstitious or not, everyone wants a good fortune in their house. In back of the mind of every homemaker, another thing which continuously revolves beside the home decor is good fortune. And when talking about good luck the first thing which helps like a magic stick in inviting happiness and good luck is Feng Shui.

Feg Shui is the ancient Chinese arrangement of things which enhances the flow of positive energy in the adornment. One of the best advantages of this art is you can make your home look prettier by adding these techniques. So to charm up your home with beauty and positivity here are some easy Feng Shui tips.

Play with different feng shui shapes:

Shapes matter a lot in feng shui because they allow energy to settle in. For inviting good fortune you need all five shapes of the element. The five elements are Earth (square), Metal (round), Water (wavy), Wood (rectangular) and Fire (triangular). So involve all these shapes in your ambiance by using different décor objects.

Ambience with different shapes, Home Decor Ideas

Clutterless home:

The fundamental rule of Feng Shui is to keep your home clean and clutter free. The ambiance should always be clean to in habitat the positive energy. By de-cluttering your home from waste and the unused object you also create space in your home and which make you feel good.

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Plant the lucky seed:

Going green is also one of the tips of this technique. Growing plants represents growth so expand your good fortune by placing a healthy plant in one of the corners of your home. You can opt from Bonsai or money plant. And after placing the pot, put three coins under the vase.

Indoor Plants in bedroom, Indoor plants, Bedroom ambience,feng shui


Add water element:

According to Feng Shui by adding water element in a home you invite good fortune. For adding water element you can place a fountain or if space is less you can go for aquarium also. While placing aquarium the three ideal places are front entrance, the far left corner or the center portion of the left side of your home

Aquarium in home, Fengshui Tips, Home Decor

Welcome Lord Buddha Statue:

Lord Buddha is the symbol of calm and peace, so placing a figurine will be ideal for all styles of ambiance. You can choose from laughing Buddha, Meditating Buddha, Buddha Face, Sleeping Buddha etc. But before placing make sure to place it at the entrance of the home and never in the bedroom.

Budha Brass Statue, Buddha Statue, Brass Statue, Decorative statue, Home Decor

Add Elephant Symbol as per feng shui :

These large, gentle animals are viewed as wise and loyal. According to Feng Shui keeping a symbol of an elephant in the home is considered as lucky. Place a mini figurine of Elephant in your home to protect your family from negative energy.

Traditional Multi Colored Elephant Table Base, Home Decor
Traditional Multi Colored Elephant Table Base

Place mirror as per feng shui:

In Feng Shui mirrors are used to invite positive energy and good fortune. Always place the mirror where it reflects a beautiful view from your garden or outside. As this will fill your home with freshness and positive energy.

Handcrafted Mirror Frame, Rajasthani Mirror Frame, Home Decor, Traditional Rajasthani Handicrafts,feng shui tips

These are some simple tips of feng shui which will fill your home with good fortune and positive energy. And for applying these you don’t have to do much, you just have to make some simple changes.

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