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7 Famous Destination for Buying Rajasthani Handicrafts

There are many reasons why Rajasthan should be on top of your traveling list. The rich culture with war glory makes it a magnificent place to visit. Not only for experiencing the Rajputana culture but there are many other things which make it a beautiful place to visit. You will find everything from the palaces, forts, art, music, and culture to the food. But still, a vital part of your tour is Rajasthani Handicrafts.

With great culture and beautiful history, Rajasthan is also about intricate crafts and some exclusive handicrafts which you will find only in Rajasthan. So here is the list of places where you will find these exclusive Rajasthani Handicrafts.

Rajasthani Handicrafts in Jaipur

Jaipur the capital of Rajasthan has much more to offer you. It is the hub of beautiful Rajasthan Handicrafts. You can visit Johri Bazar for exclusive Kundan and Polka jewellery. For the traditional hand-made Blue pottery and exclusive mojari visit Bapu Bazar.

Rajasthani Handicrafts, Crafts of Rajasthan, Traditional Handicrafts

Rajasthani Handicrafts in Udaipur

Udaipur the city of lakes gives you many of the Rajasthani Handicrafts which you will cherish for a lifetime. For intricate wooden handicrafts, you can take a walking tour of the old city market. You will find hand-made leather bags, wood crafts, miniature paintings, and bandhej dupattas, etc. You can visit Hathi pol, Ghanta Ghar, Bada Bazar for finding the rarest handicrafts.

Handicrafts of Udaipur, Streets of Udaipur, Shopping in Udaipur, Hand made craft of udaipur


Jodhpur the sun city creates the most beautiful traditional wooden furniture. Take home the best of Rajasthani signature fabric, Bandhani from Nai Sarak. You can street shop in a clock tower and can buy antiques, Rajasthani paintings, footwear etc. You can also buy wooden puppets from the local street markets.

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Rajasthani Handicrafts in Jaisalmer

From the city of golden sand dunes, you will find extremely beautiful Rajasthani handicrafts. The one-stop-shop for all the handicrafts is Sadar Bazar. It is one market where you get everything with ample variety and wholesale pricing. You find jewellery, shawls, wooden items or souvenirs

Crafts of Jaisalmer, Home Decor, Rajasthan, City Shopping, Street Shopping


Rather than bhujia, the desert city is one of the most beautiful shopping destinations one could ever visit. One of the biggest markets in Bikaner, Mahatma Gandhi Road. You find signature Kundan jewellery, khadi textiles, etc. At Kote Gate, you will find earthen pots and miniature paintings along with other hand made wooden crafts.

Mochi Bajar, Bikaner Crafts, Handmade Crafts of Bikaner, Shopping in Bikaner, Foot wears, Mojari


The holy city is mostly known for its camel fair. This is the fair where you will find all the exclusive Rajasthani handicrafts from different cities in one place. Sadar Bazar is one of the markets you’ll find that perfect tribal jewelry made of silver and beads. The must picks are embroidery clothes and leatherware.

silver jewellery, Handicrafts of Pushkar, Silver jewellery of Pushkar

Rajasthani Handicrafts in Alwar

Rajasthan culture gives its unique feel in Alwar city, and it has also one of the biggest shopping markets. Malakhera Bazar one of the most popular shopping places in Alwar. The must picks of this market are fashion jewellery, clay sculptures products, Zardosi works.

Zardosi, Bandhani, Bhandhej Work, Traditional Crafts, Rajasthan, Handmade crafts



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