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7 Exclusive Marble Handicrafts To Enhance The Beauty Of Every Home Decor

Marble stone is known and loved for its beauty and so as the marble handicrafts. For decorating our home we all want to give a unique touch and to display the best decorative in the ambience. So to fulfill this need of the best here are 7 styles of marble handicrafts which one can choose for decorating the ambience in an astonishing way.

Marble Ganesha

Marble Ganesha is the perfect marble handicrafts which are a symbol of luck also. Made from marbles this Ganesha figurine can be placed anywhere in your home, whether it’s your living area, your Pooja Ghar, your bedroom area or your outdoor area. The moderate size of this figurine makes it easy to place anywhere. But according to Vastu, for inviting good energy and diminishing negative energy you can place it in your entryway or near the entrance of your home.

Marble Ganesh, Marble Handicrafts, Marble Statues, Ganesha Figurine
Marble Ganesh

Elephant Marble Statue

Elephant is the emblem of luck, so to include luck in your décor you can go for this pair of an elephant. A traditional style marble handicrafts which come in a pair. There are many ways in which you can adorn it in your home; like you can make it place on your coffee table; separately on different platforms of your display unit; together on your console table, the choice is all yours.

Elephant Marble Statue, Stone Art, Handicrafts, Marble Statues
Elephant Marble Statue- Stone Art

Marble Mobile Holder with watch:

The marble mobile holder is one of the utility cum decorative marble handicrafts which solves both the purpose of your décor. The holder has a watch engraved in between, which is making it look great. This elegant piece can also be used as a gifting option to your near and dear one. It can also be used as a corporate gift option for any occasion.

Marble Mobile Holder with watch, Stone art, Mobile Holder, Corporate Gift
Marble Mobile Holder with watch- Stone art

Marble Time Piece:

To give an astonishing touch to the wall of your home, this marble timepiece is the perfect option. Embellished with pretty Kundan stones the traditional style wall clock will complement your décor with its beautiful charm. If you have light color painted feature wall in your living area then hang it there. This timepiece will also go well with bright contrasting color painted wall of your home.

Time piece, Antique Wall Clock, Marble Clock, Marble Handicrafts
Time piece

Hand Painted Marble Handicrafts – Vases

For those who wants a royal look in their adornment, the hand painted marble vases are the perfect décor option. If you own a large space living area then you can go for big sized vases, if you own a moderate size living area then vases with moderate size will be a good option. There is a wide range of these vases, like you can choose from Kishangarh art painted, Stonework, bani thani Painted etc.

Marble Vases, Traditional marble vases, Marble statues, Bani Thani Marble Vases
Marble Vases

Traditional Marble Lamp

Marble lamps are the soothing and most beautiful marble handicrafts which give an exclusive look to your ambiance. The designs the styles are so adorable that they immediately won the hearts of onlookers. One of the amazing things about marble lamps is that when they are lighted on, they give a soothing light and brighten up the adornment in a classy way.

Marble Lalten, Lamps & Shades, Marble Statues, Night Lamps,
Marble Lalten

Marble Painting

Marble Paintings are one of the exclusive marble handicrafts which are adored worldwide. So having one of them will surely enhance the charm of your ambiance. The marble paintings are hand painted with beautiful bright colors which will give a sassy touch to your adornment. The painting can be hung on a wall or can be placed on your side table or on your display unit. The painting painted on the marble base gives a glimpse of an old royal era.

Marble Painting, Stone Art, Marble Statues, Paitinengs, Marble Decoratives
Marble Painting-Stone Art

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