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7 Awesome Rajasthani style Metal and wood crafts for your decor

Rajasthani style handicrafts are adored everywhere, and the reason of its charm is its beautiful color with artistic detailing. Rajasthani style metal and wood crafts will give a unique glance in our décor, they catch the attention of every viewer and also makes your ambiance looks immensely beautiful. And for a simple traditional touch you don’t have to change the whole setup, just place some pretty traditional style handicrafts in décor. For making your search easy here are 7 exclusive Rajasthani style handicrafts, which you can use in your ambiance…

Metal Meenakari – Pair of White Royal Elephant

The pair of Elephant Sculpture is so beautiful that it will immediately become the eye candy of your décor. Make it place in front of your display unit or on top of your console table it will give a catchy effect in your ambiance. The pair of an elephant is made from a durable metal having red colored Meenakari art work on a soothing white base, which is enhancing the class of this pair.

Meenakari Metal elephant rajasthani metal and wood crafts

Pair of Ashwa

This pair of a Horse will give a traditional Rajasthani look in your ambiance. There are many ways in which you can adorn it in your home; like you can pair it with your existing decorative on your display unit; can place the horses on different platforms; in your entryway area you can make it place. The pair of a horse has beautifully detailed designed on dark color base, which is making it enticing piece of décor.

Horse Metal Figurine Meenakari Handcrafted Rajasthani

Metal Gajraj

Metal Gajraj is a sculpture of an elephant, which gives a glance of old royal lifestyle and unique Rajasthani style metal and wood crafts where kings use to roam the city by taking a ride on their royal elephant. This sculpture also depicts the same gaze of old Rajwadi lifestyle. Crafted from sturdy metal this elephant figurine has beautiful designs with a pretty color combination which will give a splash of color in your ambiance.

Elephant statue-meenakari-gaj-Rajasthani-handicrafts

Set of Musicians

The Set of Three Musicians is a unique and classy decorative for any style of ambiance. Be it’s your modern looking theme or it’s a traditional theme, this pretty Rajasthani style metal and wood craft will blend well with both types. With glossy silver upper base combined with a bright colorful lower base, this set of three musicians will be a beautiful addition. You can place it separately on different platforms of your shelves or can place it together on the upper base of your chest of drawer.

Set of Musician handcrafted rajasthani Metal & wood crafts

Set of Royal Elephant

In a set of three, this elephant figurine will be an awesome Rajasthani style metal and wood crafts piece in your living area. The size of all the Three Elephants is different or can also say that are in increasing or decreasing order. Because of its variant size, you can easily experiment with its placing. The bright color designs on dark black color will give a royal charm to your area.

Set of elephant metal statue rajasthani metal and wood crafts


Hookah will give an original traditional look in your ambiance. You can place it in your empty corner or right beside your display unit. By placing this in your home, you can also enjoy a smoking session with your friends. The Hookah has very fine and artistic detailing that will charm up the Blair of the adornment.

Hookah rajasthani-metal and wood crafts

Pair of Musician

A glittery and glossy traditional glaze for your ambiance. This pair of a musician is a figurine of two men playing traditional Rajasthani folk instruments. The figurine has a circular base so you can make it stand it stable on any surface. This pair of musicians can also be used as gifting option to gift it your near and dear one.

Set of Musician rajasthani traditional metal and wood crafts

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