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7 Annoying Home Decor Problems and Their Solutions

Beautiful home decor and pleasing home catch the attention of every onlooker. No one wants to live and decor the ambiance which is not as per the taste and style. And in order to that, every minute thing in your ambiance makes a sense to home. But after doing all these things there are some major issues which are almost experienced by every homemaker, so to avoid this there are some solution to is

Problem: Bulky Furniture

Solution: One of the most common and biggest problems of home decor is the bulky or heavy furniture in the ambiance. Which overcrowd the space, so to deal with that you can switch to light wooden furniture. And while switching to light wooden furniture you can go for Rajasthani style chairs and table instead of a metallic couch.

Set of Two Mehraab Table & Chairs, Table and chair, Handcrafted chairs, Rajasthani handicrafts
Set of Two Mehraab Table & Chairs

Problem: Shortage of Space

Solution: Space shortage is the other thing which affects the ambiance. Because of the shortage of space, we are unable to experiment with different–different theme in décor. To deal with this problem and to make space you can go for double duty or portable options. Like for holding magazines you can opt for a portable holder which you can keep anywhere.

Wooden Magazine Holder, Rajasthani Style Magazine holder, Handicrafts
Wooden Magazine Holder

Problem: Bad Lighting

Solution: Lighting is like the icing on the cake. Because of improper lighting options, the looks of your home decor can be killed. Sometimes the lights are too bright or sometimes the lights are too dim. So to overcome this hurdle switch to Marble lamp. With exclusive stone art these Marble Lamps have light adjusting feature and also it will fill the ambiance with soothing light.

Marble Lamp,Lamps and Shades, Stone art Rajasthani, Traditional
Marble Lamp

Problem: Boring Walls without windows

Solution: Decorating wall can make or break the look of your home decor. And nowadays people live in very moderate size house so there is shortage of windows. But not to worry, without an actually engraving window to your wall you can simply hand Handcrafted Rajasthani style Jharokha. These will not only look good but will also give you a window like feel.

Wall Decor, Handcrafted Jharokha, Rajasthani Style Jharokha, Rajasthani Handicrafts
Wall Decor

Problem: Heavy Decorative Statues

Solution: The most important but overlooked thing in home decor is the selection of crafts or decorative. Instead of shortage of space, we end up buying and decorating the ambiance with big sized décor. So instead of that, you can go for small sized Decorative which comes in sets or a pair like, set of Musicians, pair of Vases etc.

Decorative Set of Peacock- Wood Art, Rajasthani Handicrafts, Home Decor, Wooden Statues
Decorative Set of Peacock- Wood Art

Problem: Less Storage Options

Solution: next problem which is usually faced by everybody is the storage space. So to overcome that, go for double duty furniture or décor options. Go for a decorative chest of drawers which have inside space and will also look good in the ambiance. You can also go for a wooden pillar with drawers which will also be a helping hand to your storage.

Chest of Drawers, Rajasthani Chest of Drawers, Rajasthani Handicrafts
Chest of Drawers

Problem: Narrow Leg Space

Solution: The other thing is the narrow leg space. Because of furniture and décor theme, you often bump into the adornment while walking or passing. So for a free walk you can opt round shaped tables, which will not cover all the space and will also look good in the ambiance. Also, you can opt for a lower sitting option like Bajot or Chowki.

Bajot, Chowki, Traditional Bajot, Rajasthani Chowki, Lower Sitting options

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