6 types of Rajasthani Style furniture to beautify your home decor

The word furniture is the lifeline of every home decor and it plays an important role in beautifying your ambiance. So when it comes to choosing the furniture for your home, there are many options in which you can choose from. But to give a mesmerizing and unique view you can choose from traditional Rajasthani style furniture. Here is the list of 6 types of Rajasthani style furniture which will look super classy in your home…..

Elephant Statue, Metal Craft, Handicrafts, Rajasthani Style
Set of Elephant Statue

Wooden Table in the center of your area:

Rajasthani styles of wooden table are an elegant and crafty kind of furniture which gives a unique glance in the ambiance. These kinds of Tables have a very fine wooden embroidery which gives a unique glance in the adornment. Also, these styles of the table have sometimes hand-painted Kishangarh style painting that blends magically with your existing decor and also catches every eye’s attention when you serve snacks on it to your guests.

Chairs and Table, Mehraab Art, HAndcrafted, Rajasthani Style
Set of Two Mehraab chairs and Table

Traditionally carved chairs in Rajasthani style:

Rajasthani style carved chairs are one of the very famous handicrafts which people from all around the world loves to have in the ambiance. These chairs offer great comfort with respect to beauty. You can make these chairs place anywhere in your home; like in your outdoor areas; in your balcony area; in your bedroom with small coffee table; in living area; in the garden area, anywhere you can place it. The designs of these kinds of chairs are very elegant and style up your ambiance in a royal way

Chairs, Hand-Painted, Kishangarh Painting, Handcrafted
Rajasthani Hand-Painted Chairs

Bajot for lower seating options:

Bajot or chowkis are purely Rajasthani style furniture which is a kind of low seating option. These sort of seating options are immensely beautiful and give a glance of traditional Rajasthani art. You can include these bajot in pooja ghar; in your living area paired with a low heightened coffee table or can also give a base to your antique pot or vase. There are many types of bajots from which you can buy like Nagpaya Chowki, Rajasthani Chowki, Rangoli Art Chowki etc.

Elephant Sitting, Bajot, Chowki, Traditional
Elephant Sitting

Hand-painted Chest of Drawers:

Chest of Drawers of Rajasthani style is the best decorative cum storage furniture for any home. These chest of drawers are handcrafted and looks great in your ambiance and comes with beautiful painted colors. These chest of drawers can be placed anywhere in your home and with giving classy looks these chest of drawers will hold your important small possessions also. Some this drawers have elegant traditional paintings painted on them which give a charming touch to your ambiance.

Chest of Drawers, Rajsthani, Hand-Painted, Kishangarh Painting
Rajasthani Hand-Painted Chest of Drawers

Decorative Wardrobes in Rajasthani Style:

A traditional Rajasthani style decorative Wardrobes have very beautiful Kishangarh painting handpainted on the surface and sometimes the elegant floral designs with small brass engravings. These kinds of wardrobes solve two purposes, they will store your possessions and will look good in your ambiance. so these wardrobes are decorative and artistic enough that you can put them in your living area also.

Wardrobe, Hand-Painted Traditional Storage, Rajasthani Style, Handcrafted
Hand-Painted Traditional Storage

Rajasthani  Style Corners and Pillars:

For those empty corners in your home where you have to think what to put, Rajasthani style Corners and Pillars are the best options. These corners are handcrafted with elegant and classy detailing at the edges. Some the corners have pullout drawers also which solves your storage purpose also and will easily fit in your any corner of your home.

Wooden Pillar, Corner & Pillars, Rajasthani style, Handcrafted, Traditional
Wooden Pillar

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