Decorative Wooden Rajasthani Key Holder, Rajasthani Handicrafts, Wall Decor

6 Styles of Rajasthani Key Holder to Beautify Wall Decor

A key holds a lot of secrets. Every small thing in ambiance equally contributes in enhancing the beauty of ambiance. Just like that for beautifying the wall décor, there are many options. In those many options, Rajasthani Key Holder is a very artistic and smart choice for any homemaker. And to make that choice easy here 6 styles of Rajasthani Key Holder for different-different adornment.

Decorative Rajasthani Key Holder

For those who want utility and beauty in a single package, this is perfect for them. This holder can be hung on any wall of your home, but will best go in the entryway. With three open pockets, you can also place your small and essential papers with respect to keys. And could save them from misplacing.

Decorative  Key Holder, Rajasthani Handicrafts, Home Decor
Decorative Rajasthani Key Holder

 Wooden Key Holder

For small spaces or compact areas, it is very hard to choose a space efficient decorative piece. So, to solve that need, this artistic Key Holder made from solid wood is perfect. Buy it in a pair and hang it opposite facing wall and give a unique look to the ambiance. The artistic Kishangarh painting painted on it make you ambiance look beautiful.

 Decorative Holder
Rajasthani Wooden Key Holder

Traditional Style Wooden Key Holder

Pretty for your bedroom space. If you are looking something traditional for your bedroom wall, then this “Rajasthani Key Holder” is apt. In the bedroom, you don’t need a holder with multiple hooks, as you want to hang only two or four keys. Hang it adjacent to your almirah or near your window and make your wall look beautiful.

 Rajasthani Handicrafts

Wooden Wall Decor

This is a perfect one pocket Rajasthani Key Holder, which will be a great add on in your ambiance. The size of this wooden wall key holder is so perfect that it will not cover more space and will also look good. You can hang in your outdoor area also, and in the pocket, you can keep your newspaper or magazines.

Traditional Wall Key Holder,
Wooden Wall Key Holder

Artistic Wooden Key Holder

If you are really willing to set a traditional theme in your adornment then you can opt for this Artistic Key Holder. You can hang this holder on your living area wall and can hang multiple keys. The open pocket of this holder can be used to keep visiting cards, envelopes, small possessions etc.

Artistic Wooden Key Holder, traditional  Handicrafts
Artistic Wooden Key Holder

 Wall Decor

A perfect Rajasthani Key Holder for a home who always demands more hooks to hang the keys. This rectangular shaped wall key holder will be a beautiful option for any décor. You can hang it near your staircase, on your living area wall, in your office area reception, in your outdoor areas etc.

Rajasthani Handicrafts
Traditional Wall Key Holder

These will not only look good in your ambiance but will also be a valuable addition. You can also use them for gifting purpose to your near and dear one for all the occasions.

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