6 Mistakes that decrease the beauty of your wall decor

Walls are the main focal point of any home décor, and we all try utmost to make them look great. But while in process of making them look good we commit some common yet big mistakes which decrease the charm of your wall decor. Wanted to know what are those mistakes have a look on below points.
Wall frame, Wall Display
Wall Frame

Overcrowding on wall:

Overstuffing is the first thing which makes your wall look ugly. We know you have, so many wall décor but placing them all on a single wall is not a good idea. Also, sometimes people end up by fixing the wall décor on every wall of the home, which again makes the ambiance cluttered. Instead of that you should hang or place the paintings, antique watches, Frames etc. according to space of your wall.
Wall Frames, Wall Hangings, paintings
Wall Frames

Choosing wrong colors of wall:

Color selection is also one of the major reasons which affect your décor ambiance. Sometimes some people choose dark shade even if space is less of the area, which makes the ambiance look more cluttered. If you own a less space then you must choose light shades, which will make your space look wider and also your wall frames and wall Clocks will become a focal point they will not overshadow.
Wall Art, Wall Hangings,wall paintings
Wall Hangings

Hanged wall decor on wrong height:

The next thing comes is the height on which you making your wall art hanging. Sometimes this is hanged on so height that one have to stretch the neck for viewing. Also, sometimes it is hanged on so low height that it just overcrowds the space. So, your artwork should be hanged on a proper height not so heightened not so low. And check on the size of your Art if it is too big then place it on average height and if it’s an antique clock then slightly above the average height.
Mirrors, Frame
Wall Mirrors

Placing of wall decor in the wrong direction:

Wall art include paintings, frames, antique timepieces, wall hangings, wall mounted key holders, spiritual paintings etc. So sometimes the placing of these arts in wrong way makes the ambiance look odd. Placing wall clocks on the back side of your sitting area not only make your wall clock disappear also it makes no sense. And if you want to hang a spiritual hanging make it place according to Vastu so that it will benefit the ambiance.
Jharokha mirror frame, Traditional jharokha,handcrafted jharokha

Inadequate wall light:

Lightning is also a major concern which is mostly overlooked and that makes the décor look worse. Sometimes the bright lights are used which vanish the looks of the décor art and sometimes the lights are so dull that the art pieces are not properly visible. Lightning should be layered according to space and wall paints.
Ambiance, Home Decor

Avoiding Mix & Match wall decor:

In order to set a theme, most of the people end up choosing matching-matching Artwork which ends up in making the wall look boring. To give a lifelike look you should try mix & match as this will give a new and exciting look in your ambiance.
Contemporary style furniture
Contemporary style furniture
These are the major mistakes which usually people commit while decorating their wall. By avoiding these things and making some smart changes one can easily make you adornment look more classy and more beautiful.

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