6 Mind-blowing tips for a Rajasthani Theme decor

Every one of us wants to decor our living area in a unique way but ends up in decorating in the same way. Because we all choose from the going theme and as a result the living area looks the same as the other. So to make a change in your living area, you can switch the theme of your ambiance from modern to an exclusive Traditional style ambiance. Here is how you can change it and can make it look more interesting and lively.

Rajasthani Style wall Hanging
Rajasthani Style wall Hanging


Switch to Low lying decor options:

The very first thing you have to do in order to change the look of your ambiance in a traditional style is to switch the seating option in low lying. And for low-lying, you can pair your low heightened tea table or coffee table with Bajot or Chowki. To make the seating more comfortable and pretty you can use traditional kathiyawadi embroidery worked cushion and could make them place on those bajots. Along with bajot you can also use a wooden low heightened stool or can also opt floor seating options.

Low Sitting Furniture, Rajasthani Style decor
Low Sitting Furniture

Add earthy colors:

To give a traditional touch in the ambiance it is advised to use earthy colors like red, burnt orange, brick red, dark woody color etc. these colors can be included in the ambiance by making the feature wall painted by these color. You can also use eye catchy Rajasthani tones like emerald blue, peacock blue, yellow, natural hues of sky blues etc in your cushion covers, sofa covers, curtains or in your wall arts.

Rajasthani theme decor
Rajasthani theme decor

Decor wall with traditional touch:

Next Rajasthani theme impact can be created by working a little on the walls. On walls, you can hang traditional style handcrafted Jharokha or Rajasthani style hand painted miniature paintings. You can also hang decorative hangings having Kishangarh Painting on it. Your walls can also be decorated by hanging traditional style key holders.

Miniature Paintings, Rajasthani Style Decor, Handcrafted
Miniature Paintings


Lightning in royal style:

Lightning the ambiance also plays a major role in setting the decor in Rajasthani style. Instead of choosing modern designs Lamps and Lights choose some antique style options; like you can opt a traditional lantern style lamp made from marble having a pretty meenakari work on it. The ambiance can also be decorated with antique style tealight holders which will give an old rustic charm and will brighten the ambiance in a royal style.

Go for wooden furniture decor:

A material is also a vital thing which should not be overlooked while setting a Rajasthani themed ambiance. Always choose wooden furniture over any other furniture while setting a traditional theme. The wooden furniture will give a royal and ethnic look in your ambiance and will also enhance the grace of your decor. Also, this Wooden Furniture will blend immensely well with the ambiance.

Rajasthani Wooden Furniture
Wooden Furniture


Include Rajasthani style add-ons:

With respect to above, all the points add some more traditional décor in your interiors. You can add antique flower vases, traditional style hand painted Matki which you can place anywhere in your living area. You can also opt from antique style marble vases with meenakari work or some hand painted Kishangarh paintings .

Rajasthani Style Decor
Rajasthani Style Decor

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