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6 Interesting place to keep your vases

Placing your pretty vases in your home can be a wow factor of your ambiance. With an adorable & artistic design of your vase, another thing which equally matters is the place where you can keep it. So to increase the beauty of your vase and looks of your ambiance here is 6 interesting place where you can keep your vases…..


In your entryway:

The first place where you can keep the vase is the entryway. It the place where your guest enters, so you can keep your beautiful vase with some fresh flowers in it. By keeping your adorable vase there, you can make the passer feel refresh. But sometimes the entry space is a bit narrow so always consider a moderate or nominal size of vase. You can buy a Decorative Vase for your entryway or can go for a traditional and ethnic looking vase.

Marble vase-Stone work- Bani thani- Handpainted-Handcrafted
Marble vase

In your living Area:

The living area is the next place where you can keep your vase. You can choose from any of the places of your living area like; make it place in the empty corner or in between of two single seated couches or along with the side table. You can simply decorate it with fresh flowers or if not possible to change the flowers again and again, then you can switch to artificial flowers. As living area consists of all the decorative showpiece, you can also opt from a stone worked marble vases. And when it comes to size you can choose any size.

vase-Metal-Handcrafted-Traditional-Mughlai art work
Mughlai Vase


Vases On your Centerpiece:

You can place your adorable vase on your centerpiece also. It is the place where you serve hot tea tray and crispy snacks, so while choosing it for there be very smart. You can go for a traditional Rajasthani Matki style vase that will give a charming glance to your ambiance.  You need not put flowers in that as it will make your table a bit clumsy, instead of that choose a vase having miniature or Kishangarh painting as it will look immensely beautiful in the adornment.

Marble Vase-Stone work-Hand Painted-Traditional-Rajasthani
Marble Vase

Vases at your staircase:

Keeping vases in the staircase will enhance the beauty of the empty space. You can put your vase there at many places like at the blank platform or in starting of the stairs or at the ending step of the staircase. But while placing you can choose metal as a vase material, so in case if it falls down it will not break. You can choose from Mughlai art worked vases; those kinds of vases will look elegant in your ambiance.

Kishangarh Painting, metal vases for your staircase
Kishangarh Painting

Vases In your Balcony:

A balcony is also a place where you can keep your vases in an interesting and creative way. You can also buy the vases in a Pair so can put it together on a same side of the balcony or can put in opposite sides of the balcony. You can decorate your vase by artificial flowers also so that you don’t need to change the flowers on regular basis.

Pair of Vases,Designer vases ,traditional-Rajasthani
Pair of Vase

In your bedroom area:

A bedroom is also a place where you can keep your vases. But when it comes to placing in a bedroom you can choose from stylish looking marble vases; elegant metal vases or earthen pot, they too will look charming in the ambiance. You can also keep the vase near or by the side of your bedside table. If you own a big size bedroom then you can go for a large sized vase and for a moderate size bedroom medium or normal size vases are suggested.

Marble stone vases, Rajasthani-Traditional vases
Stone Work



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