6 Awesome Rajasthani Style of handicrafts for your decor

There are many types of handicrafts and they all are unique & beautiful, but with beauty, there comes an exclusivity also and all these factors are sufficed by Rajasthani style handicrafts. We all are familiar with the uniqueness and beauty of the handicrafts and loves to involve them in our décor. So while shopping for a traditional style handicraft here is a list of exclusive styles from which you can opt for your décor…
rajasthani show piece, pair of ashwa

Kishangarh Paintings:

Kishangarh paintings are the world famous Rajasthani art form which will look immensely beautiful in your home. These styles of paintings you can include in your décor by many ways like you can buy your coffee table having this painting painted on it, or if you don’t want to buy any major product then you can you can opt from small essentials like Key Holders, wall decors etc.
metal art, rajasthani hand-painted matki,
Marble Crafting:
Marble crafting is also one of the famous traditional arts which are popular from old ages. There are many things which are made from marble like there are decorative figurines, Marble Lamps, divine god statue made etc. The very unique thing about Rajasthani marble crafting is that the marble used in the crafts is usually Makrana marble, which is one of the best qualities of marble. When buying marble crafting is advised to by marble lamps as these lamps give very soothing light.
hand-painted marble vases, marble handicrafts
Meenakari work:
Meenakari work is one of the very fine art which is done by the very skilled artist, and it is famous because of its colorful & fine detailing. This art is embellished on metal surface with beautiful colors. There are many things on which you can see this art form; this art not only looks beautiful but also gives a unique glance. There are many things which you can buy having meenakari work like jewelry, stools, Decorative boxes etc.  
hand-painted gajraj, traditional handicrafts
Wood Crafting:
Wood crafting are the soul of Rajasthani style handicrafts. The Skillman do very fine and awesome detailing on wood, which you can easily see on the traditional furniture. With all the handcrafted details these wooden furniture looks super classy and elegant. And for every kind of home you can buy these Handcrafted Furniture and also can opt for low seating options like Bajot or Chowki.  
rajasthani handicrafts, hand-painted table
Brass Engraving:
Brass engravings are also a very unique and traditional parts of Rajasthani style handicrafts. There are wide options in brass engravings, you can opt from; like Tealight Holders, decorative brass figurines, divine brass statues, brass engraved wall clocks etc. these handicrafts has very fine detailing which will enhance the charm of your ambiance. 
vintage tea light holder
Stone Art:
Stone Art is an art form in which colorful stones are engraved on the surface of metal or stone base. This kind of artwork is an exclusive part of traditional Rajasthani Handicrafts. For your décor you can go for a stone worked lantern style lamps, marble figurines, brass statues, decorative seating options etc. The stone art worked decorative figurines are also a great gifting option for your near and dear one for all the occasions.
Traditional Lanterns

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