6 Amazing utility cum decorative Box for every home decor

There are so many things which can be involved in home decor, but first thing which comes is the space available in the ambiance. You all love to decor home, but while decorating you all want those things which are decorative yet can be used and are space savvy. So to end that search need below is six amazing options of a decorative box which will cut down your extra space need and will also avoid clutter in the ambiance.

Antique wooden Mukhwas Box

This decorative cum utility box is perfect for those who want to add creativity in their adornment. This Mukhwas box has a bullock cart shape with intricate carving on its surface. In this antique style decorative box, you can keep your mouth fresheners and can add this to your dining table. The wood finish makes this decorative box so adorable that you can place this on your centre of a coffee table.

Antique wooden Mukhwas Box, Decorative Box, Wooden storage box
Antique wooden Mukhwas Box

Decorative Wine Bottle Storage

With elephant face in front and colorful traditional design, this decorative box is a smart home for your expensive wine. It is perfect for all the wine lovers; you can make it place along with your mini bar or wherever you want to keep. This decorative cum utility box can also be a great gifting option to your near and dear one on any occasion. Also when you will be placing this box in your ambiance it will not only look good but will also give safety and protection to your precious bottle.

Decorative Wine Bottle Storage,Decorative utility box
Wine bottle storage

 Bangle Box with Kashmiri Paper Mache Work

To avoid the clutter on your dressing table and enhance the beauty of the ambiance, this bangle box cum decorative box is a perfect add on. With a glimpse of Mughlai artwork, made from paper mache work this bangle box is decorative cum utility box. You can keep your beautiful bangles inside and can save them from mismatching or misplacing.  Also, you can make it place anywhere in your home like on your dressing table shelf or in your wardrobe.

Bangle Box with Kashmiri Paper Meshy Work,Utility box
Bangle Box

Multicolor Elephant Storage Box

In elephant shape, this decorative box is a unique cum utility box. The box has an elephant structure, which has an inside storage. You can make it place anywhere in your home; in living area near your side couch; in bedroom area along with the backside wall; in entryway etc. The base of this box is wide enough so you can place your antiques or framed memories on it. Also, the inside storage can be used to keep your small possessions inside to avoid clutter.

Multicolor Elephant Storage Box,Utility box
Multicolor Elephant Storage Box

Rajasthani style Decorative Mukhwas box

This decorative box is a handsome collection to your coffee table or dining table. With a beautiful glossy silver color and intricate designs, this box is perfect for keeping your mouth fresheners or dry fruit. You can simply involve this box in your snack time also or when inviting someone for a tea party at your home. The moderate size of the box makes it easy to place on any surface and also portable enough to pass it to another table. Also a perfect corporate gifting option.

Rajasthani style Decorative Mukhwas box,Utility box
Decorative Mukhwas box

Traditional Jewelry box

A perfect decorative box for keeping your small and precious possessions, which you don’t want to misplace but often do. With a traditional hand painted Kashmiri art work, this round box is a handsome add on to your decor. Make it place on your dressing table and keep your earrings or daily usable neckpieces. Also, you can make it place on your center table and can use it as a simply decorative box. You can also place it in entry way and can hold small keys or cards inside.

Decorative traditional Jewel cum Utility Box
Jewel cum Utility Box

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