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Know 6 amazing Pooja room Decor options for this Navratri

Navratra is all about nine days of devotion, tradition, fun, color, dance, and togetherness. Though different-different states of India celebrate this 9 days celebration in their own way. But one thing remains same and that is  Pooja Room Decor.  We usually décor each and every single corner of the house but sometimes forgot the Pooja room. So here are 6 amazing Pooja Room Decor Options which will enhance the beauty in a divine way.

Traditional Brass Deepak for your Pooja Room Decor:

Start form switching that old Diya and place this Traditional Brass Deepak with Peacock Design. This style of Deepak is perfect for small spaces. The beautiful designs carved on this Deepak will surely uplift the class of your Pooja Room Decor. You can simply decorate this Diya with some flower petals around and can make it place in the center of your room.

Brass Deepak, Brass Statues, Pooja Room Decor, Rajasthani Handicrafts
Brass Deepak

Rajasthani Bajot with beautiful Colors:

Next thing comes is the Chowki or Bajot on which you use to sit and pray. So, by simply changing that you can easily upgrade the Pooja Room Decor. The Rajasthani chowki is a beautiful option that you can add in your Pooja Ghar. The compact size of the bajot do not cover more floor space and also the beautiful color glazes the charm of your Pooja room.

Traditional Bajot, Rajasthani Handicrafts, Chowki
Traditional Bajot

Decorative Pooja Thali with traditional Meena work:

After diya the another thing which can lift the look of your place is the Pooja Thali. Instead of using that regular Pooja thali, you can choose from some artistic Meena work Pooja thali. Some of the thali has incense stick holder & Deepak attached, which will cut down the need for extra space. The glossy finish will colorful work will surely be a beautiful ethnic addition for your Pooja Room Decor.

Decorative Traditional Style Pooja Thali, Pooja Thali Online, Rajasthani Handicrafts, Pooja Room Decor
Decorative Traditional Style Pooja Thali

Brass Diya with engraved statue of Goddess

If you own a big space then this style of Brass Diya is perfect for you Pooja Room Decor. The diya is engraved with goddess figurine which will be an add-on to the ambiance. The flat surface of diya makes it easy to place on any surface. Also by decorating it with flower petals, you can easily enhance the charm of your divine space.

Goddess with Two Elephants - Brass Diya, Brass Deepak, Traditional Brass Statues, Rajasthani Handicrafts, Pooja Room Decor
Goddess with Two Elephants – Brass Diya

Traditional Marble Lantern style Lamp for Pooja Room:

Lighting plays a major role in enhancing the beauty of ambiance. So for a proper lighting option, you can go Marble Lamp. Make it place in the corner of your Pooja Ghar and enlighten the ambiance with a soothing light. The divine ambiance always needs a charming lighting option and lantern style marble lamp is perfect with small size. Also, the light adjustment feature will give you the option to dim the light in night times.

Floral Marble Lantern - Stone Art, Rajasthani Handicrafts, Marble Lamps, lantern Style Marble Lamp
Floral Marble Lantern – Stone Art

Ganpati Wall Hanging with Swastik Design For Pooja Room Decor:

While switching the Pooja essentials, one should not forget to decorate the wall as well. While enhancing the looks of the ambiance you can hang this Ganpati Wall Hanging on the wall. This exclusive brass hanging will create a classy charm in your Pooja Room Decor with a divine touch of Lord Ganpati.

Ganesha with Swastik-Brass Wall Hanging, Pooja Room Decor, Wall Hanging, Wall Decor
Ganesha with Swastik-Brass Wall Hanging

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