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5 World-Wide Famous Handicrafts Of Udaipur

Udaipur is the lavish vacation spot for those who adore natural beauty. The culture, the tradition the people around are just overwhelming. Not only the beauty but the streets of Udaipur has its own story, it’s a paradise for art lovers. For those who love art and are fond of historical art forms just have a visual tour to the inside of art streets of handicrafts of Udaipur

Miniature Handicrafts Painting:

Art is an important part of any culture, the various art forms give insights of a different culture. Just like that, Miniature Paintings are a vital part of handicrafts of Udaipur. The most beautiful thing about this painting is the size. In the minimal size, the whole scenario is described with the beautiful colors. This is a must art piece which you should definitely adore on your wall. You can buy beautiful paintings.

Rajasthani Paintings, paintings of India, traditional paintings

Bandhani or Bandhej:

Bandhani is a type of tie-dye textile printing technique which revolves around a beautiful history and transformation. Bandhej is the renowned part of handicrafts of Udaipur which not locally but is admired globally. Bandhani is all about the beautiful textures and motifs with a combination of beautiful colors. For beautiful bandhani apparel, you must stroll the Hathipole market of Udaipur & should definitely buy one for your wardrobe.

Bandhani, Rajasthani Handicrafts, Fabric Design, Traditional Art Form

Marble Handicrafts Of Udaipur:

Marble Decor items are the king of all the handicrafts. The beautiful designs and the classy texture is the prime beauty of these handicrafts. Marble is one of the royal stone which adds luxury to any ambiance. The market of handicrafts of Udaipur deals in exclusive styles of marble handicrafts which are exported worldwide. For checking out more; there is a place named Nathdwara which is near to Udaipur. You can visit there by public transport or private taxis and can explore the beautiful market of marble handicrafts.

Marble vase-Stone work- Bani thani- Handpainted-Handcrafted

Phad Paintings:

Phad paintings are the oldest and beautiful part of Handicrafts of Udaipur. In ancient times these paintings were an elaborated part of ritualistic songs and traditional customs. The interesting fact about these paintings is that these paintings are usually made on cloth or wall and mostly describe the story of local Hero-Gods- Pabuji and Dev Narayan Ji. If you want to decorate your wall with this beautiful painting you can find these at Jagdish Chowk Street.

Phad painting Rajasthan

Wooden Furniture:Handicrafts of Udaipur

Wooden Furniture holds a special place in handicrafts of Udaipur. The beautiful Rajasthani furniture which is traded all over the world is also made here. The most amazing thing about this Rajasthani furniture is the beautiful hand-painted painting and the motifs which are carved beautifully on the wood. You can find this furniture in the old city, where these are still made from hand carving without any usage of machines.

Wooden Corner with storage, Wooden Cabinet, Corners and pIllars, Rajasthani furniture, Handcrafrted
Wooden Corner Cum Storage

These all are the major parts of handicrafts of Udaipur. Those who are art lovers will see the glance of different art forms in the architecture of the city. With a beautiful glance, Udaipur is the city of exclusive Rajasthani Handicrafts. So whenever you visit you must take back home beautiful handicrafts from above place as a souvenir.

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