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5 Tricks to Intensify The Charm of Living Area Decor

Living area decor is the first thing which is noticed by your guest. So you must be very careful while decorating your ambiance. Although we all wants to decorate the living area in a unique and interesting way so to fulfill that need here are 5 easy tricks to intensify the charm of your ambiance.

Sprinkle the colors of Meenakari in living area decor:

Everyone loves a colorful ambiance, as colors bring charm and energy in the decor. So for giving a colorful splash, you can go for Meenakari decor options. In your display unit, you can place small size pair of meenakari elephant; they are also a symbol of luck so it will invite the good fortune also. For seating options, you can go for Metal Meenakari stool that will be an elegant and space savvy option. The meenakari decor options have very fine detailing which will look classy and royal in your living area decor.

Marble Vases, Stone Art, MArble HAndicrafts, Living Area Decor
Marble Vases

Welcome wooden elegance:

Wooden objects are always exclusive and never go out of style. You can own wooden handcrafted Rajasthani style furniture in your living area. Or if not wooden furniture then you can go for Rajasthani style Wooden Bajot which you can place with your other furniture. You can also go for a wooden base in shape of Camel on which you can place your beautiful vase or flower pot. Wooden nested hand-painted stools are also a good option to be placed in your living area decor.

Three Piece Set of Hand Painted Stool, Home Decor, Handicrafts, Rajasthani Style Decor
Three Piece Set of Hand Painted Stool

Show off the class of Hand painted art:

Every living area must have a focus point, and for that, you can choose hand painted art to show off in your ambiance. Nowadays there are many options from which you can choose, you can go for a wooden chair whose backrest has hand painted miniature paintings. For decorating your corners you can opt for corners having Kishangarh Paintings. Also, you can go for some vases or figurines having Rajputana paintings.

Wooden Pillar, Corners and Pillars, Home Decor, Rajasthani Handicrafts
Wooden Pillar

Gloss of Brass:

To enhance the exclusivity and royalty one can choose from Brass statues. Opt for a Lord Buddha Statue with Antique finish and place it in front of your entry way. This will bring positive energy in your ambiance. For your living area display unit you can go for a set of musician’s brass statue, and if wanting to place a god idol in your living area then choose Ganpati Brass Statue.

Budha Brass Statue, Buddha Statue, Brass Statue, Decorative statue, Home Decor
Budha Brass Statue

Glance of metal exclusivity

The metal collection is always an attractive point of the living area decor. There are many options from which you can choose like metal vases with Kishangarh paintings, set of musicians which you can display on your coffee table. Some the metal exclusivity are so beautiful that you can even put them in pairs also so when the onlookers looks the easily catch attention.

Metal Meenakari - Swan Mother & Child. Decorative Statue, Metal Statue, Home Decor
Metal Meenakari – Swan Mother & Child

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