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5 Famous Hand-Woven Embroidery of India

Culture of India suffices many styles of embroidery. Every style of embroidery has its own charm and different style of making. In all the styles of making, hand-woven embroidery is still a mesmerizing beauty. The charm of hand-woven embroidery is unbeatable. Here is the list of best five hand-woven embroidery of India; know why they are unique.

Chikankari Embroidery

With the royal nawabi culture, Uttar Pradesh has another world famous delicacy and that is Chiakankari.  It started from the ruling period of Mughals and was seen 3rd Century AD during the reign of Chandragupta Maurya. Talking about the hand-woven embroidery process, Chikankari is the most intricate style of embroidery.

Chikankari Embroidery, Handicrafts of India

The process involves printing the design on the fabric using block stamps. After that, the needlework is done. The fabric is set on the frame and then the stitches are done on that design. Each and every single stitch is done with great perfection and extreme detailing. The designs carved to give a rich and 3-dimensional appeal.


The common thing in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana, and Delhi is the hand-woven embroidery Shisha. The beauty of this embroidery is its mirror work. Shisha work is said to be originated from 17th century India. The whole process of this embroidery is done exclusively from hands and which makes it more beautiful.

Shisha Embroidery, Rajasthani Handicrafts

These mirrors are the cuts of mica which are coated with powder to give them reflective look. This shisha embroidery involves pasting the mirrors and the pasting is done through stitches only. You will find beautiful Duppatas, tote bags, bed-sheet, cushion covers, etc. The beauty about this embroidery is the bright colors used which gives a traditional look.

Zardozi hand-woven Embroidery

Another beauty of Lucknow is its hand-woven embroidery Zardozi. This is an exclusive artwork of Lucknow which involves metallic bound threads to sew the embellishments on different types of fabric. The beauty of this embroidery is its embellishments which are done by intricate threadwork.

 Zardozi Work, Handicrafts of India

The process involves firstly the tracing of design After that, the fabric stretched over the wooden frame. Then through a needle, each zardozi element is pulled out and integrated into the basic design. You can choose beautiful Zardozi fabric for your wardrobe to give a royal plush look to your appeal.

Phulkari hand-woven Embroidery

The hand-woven embroidery phulkari is as beautiful as the real flowers. Phulkari is the first choice of every Punjabi girl and also this embroidery was mentioned in the tales of romantic protagonists Heer and Ranjha.

Phulkari, Indian Handicrafts, History Of Indian Handicrafts, History Bite

The technique involves the creation of motifs in a geometric grid, which is the most unique thing about this embroidery. Horizontal, vertical and diagonal thread work is done by hands only for creating a beautiful motif on fabrics. You can own shawls, Dupattas and Punjabi suits of this embroidery for a sassy look.

Gotta-Patti Embroidery

Gotta-Patti is the royal hand-woven embroidery of Rajasthan which reflects the traditional culture of this state. The cites like Jaipur, Bikaner, Ajmer, Udaipur, and Kota are the epicenter of this embroidery. The work includes a ribbon which can be either in gold or silver. Later several shapes and motifs are made from that before being stitched onto the fabric or piece of cloth. The stitching is done exclusively from the hands of a skilled craftsman. You can own traditional wears like Lehenga, sarees, kurtas, dupattas, etc for a beautiful Rajasthani look.

Gotta -Patti

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