5 Easy Vastu Tips For Every Home

Vastu Shastra is a traditional system of architecture which also means the science of architecture. The meaning of Vastu is dwelling which means the home for god and humans. Vastu Shastra is based on various energies that come from the atmosphere which can be balanced to enhance the peace, prosperity, and success.
Vastu Tips, Ganpatii Statue, Divine Figurine
Ganpati Statue
Usually, Vastu is a system which describes the principles of design, layout, and arrangement that makes a harmonious home. Many people take care of this before or when they are building the home, but some of us forget to make it according to Vastu so for them here are some of the easy Vastu tips which can be applied in every home to enjoy happy and peaceful living.

Cut the clutter:

According to Vastu Shastra, clutter brings negative energy into your home, so clearing clutter from home is more important than just to make the place look good. Enjoy positive energy in your Home by clearing up the clutter which you thought will be useful someday. Get rid of all the things which you haven’t used from past three years.
Ambaince, Furniture, Wooden Furniture

Use Bright Colors:

A bright color brings positive energy to a home. It is always advised to avoid dark shades as they have a negative effect. The red color is not suggested in a bedroom but is good for dining area where it will help to increase appetites. And if you are planning to use a dark shade for a Feature Wall, then try to keep it just two or three shades darker than the base tone.
Bright Color Ambiance
Bright Color Ambaince

Indoor Plants in Ambiance:

Try to involve indoor plants in your Ambiance as they are the great source of positive energy. There are many options from which you can choose like Money Plant, lucky Bamboo plant, Four Leaf Clover, Lily, Jade Plant, Jasmine. Etc. these plants will not give positive energy but will also look adorable in your ambiance. Avoid growing thorny or milk-producing plants such as cactus or rubber.


Indoor Plants
Indoor Plants

Choose Wooden Furniture:

Opting wood over metal or other materials for your furniture is believed that it add harmony to the home. And one should always select Furniture that comes in conventional geometric shapes such as squares, rectangles, and circles. With respect to increasing peace in ambiance, wooden furniture always looks good and creates a mesmerizing effect in adornment.
Wood Furniture, Ambiance according to vastu
Wood Furniture

Include Luck Emblems in Decor:

Include luck emblems like Buddha Figurine, Ganpati Statue etc. in your display unit. You can place a divine Buddha statue in your display unit to maintain peace and serenity. Placing lord Ganesha statue in the entryway of your home will help in destroying evil energies entering your home. These figurines will not only make the ambiance blissful but will also enhance the charm of ambiance.
Buddha, Statue, Divine, Vastu, FIgurine
Divine Statue
These are some simple five tips from Vastu which can be followed by everyone and at any home. For following these simple tips you will make the atmosphere of your home more happy and cheerful.

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