5 Classy Kashmiri Style of handicrafts to charm up your decor

Kashmir is well known for its beauty and is also called paradise of India. Rather than its beauty, there is one thing more for which it is famous and that is its handicrafts. The Kashmiri handicrafts are super classy and are rich in cultural heritage. So if you don’t had a visit Kashmir not to worry you can give a glance of Kashmir in your décor and can feel the beauty by simply adding these Handicrafts to your ambiance.
kashmiri style handicrafts
kashmiri style handicrafts

Kashmiri Handcrafted Wood  embroidery:

Embroidery on wood is a very beautiful and exclusive art of Kashmiri handicrafts. The carvings on wood have a very unique and beautiful design which is only done by skilled craftsmen. The elegant embroidery on these handicrafts has usually a floral carving which gives an eye catchy glance in your environment. Basically, these carvings are done on walnut wood, as they hold the carving for a long time. For charming up your décor you can opt a wooden Jharokha having this Kashmiri carving on it or can opt any Wooden Furniture having this type of carvings.
wooden jharokha, tradtional wall jharokha, handcrafted jharokha
Kashmiri Handicrafts Papier Mache:
Papier Mache craft is the most interesting and adorable art form. The crafts of this artform are made from the pulp of paper and adhesive. For making this firstly the paper is soaked in water till it becomes a pulp and then it is mixed with adhesive and later on given the shapes. The handicrafts made from this process are very beautiful and sturdy by nature. For including this in your décor you have plenty of options from which you can choose like; you can choose from Tea Coaster, Visiting Card holders, photo frames etc. 
kashmiri Tea coaster, visiting card holder
kashmiri handicrafts Metallic Carvings:
Usually, metal carvings can be seen anywhere but when you are talking about Kashmiri handicrafts they have a unique glance. The designs which are carved on the metal surface are very fine and classy and they give a direct flashback of royal Mughlai era. There are plenty of options when you are thinking of involving this in your décor; like you can go for a metallic vase having carving on the surface, an elegant Tealight Holder with Mughlai design engraved.
tradtional matki ,kashmiri handcrafted matki
Kashmiri Handicrafts fine detailed Mughlai paintings:
Mughali paintings have their own class and charm. These kinds of paintings are the intricate part of Kashmiri handicrafts, they give a glance of royal lifestyle of an ancient Mughlai era. The colors used in these kinds of paintings create a mesmerizing charm in the ambiance. While thinking about to include these in your home you can go for buying Wall paintings; Furniture having this style of paintings etc.
decorative boxes
Kashmiri Handicrafts Colorful engravings:
Colorful engravings are the signature style of Kashmiri handicrafts. These styles of engraving can be seen on any surface whether its metal or any stone. The design which is usually engraved has usually a goldish color having any dark color base. These engravings are very finely detailed and are usually hand painted on the surface by craftsmen. And for including this exclusivity in your home you can opt from jewelry boxes, Decorative Boxes etc.  
descorative box,tradtional box

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