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5 Best Places To Buy Stone Handicrafts In Rajasthan

The beauty of Stone handicraft is unmatchable. The patience and excellence behind the crafting process of these handicrafts is admirable . Not only in India, but these Handicrafts are also famous worldwide. Although you may find Stone Handicrafts at so many places in India. But if you are finding some authentic handicrafts then these are the best 5 places to buy Stone Handicrafts in Rajasthan,

Udaipur The Stone Handicrafts Hub

The city of lake has so many things to offer besides the beautiful lake. The culture of this city showcases the traditional Rajasthani aura. Udaipur is a hub of Marble Handicraft. While making a visit to Udaipur for marble shopping purposes, visit Hathi Pol, Ghanta ghar (clock tower), Bada Bazaar area. And this is a paradise for art lovers as you will find various miniature paintings and hand-crafted wooden artifacts.

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Stone Handicarfts Of Jaipur

Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan and with respect to royal tourist attraction, this place is a prime of Marble Handicrafts. While looking for marble artifacts do visit these markets. In Bapu Bazaar you will find authentic Rajasthani arts. You can visit Nehru Bazaar, Tripolia Bazaar, Badi Chaupar. Rather than marble handicraft, you can also shop blue pottery and Kundan jewellery from Johri Bazaar.

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Kishangarh The City of Stone Handicrafts

Kishangarh city is the main hub for marble handicrafts. Most of the marble supply is done from this place only. This place is 90 km far from Jaipur and easily reachable by any transport. The world-famous Makrana Marble is collected from this city only. You must visit the local market for exploring the handicrafts. Besides marble, this city offers beautiful Kishangarh Paintings, which are drawn by hands using natural colors. So one not miss it while making a visit there.


Jodhpur the sun city is a beautiful place to roam around. With respect to royal Bhawan Jodhpur is one of the vital places from where you will get authentic handcrafted Marble Handicrafts. You can visit the Clock Tower market, Nai Sarak, Sojati Gate Market. And for premium range handicrafts you can visit Umaid Bhawan Palace market. While shopping for these handicrafts in local market shops for leather bags and Rajasthani Mojari also.

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Nathdwara the holy home of Lord Shree Nath Ji offers a variety of Marble Handicrafts with the divine vibe. This place is a big manufacturer of marble handicraft. You can visit the local market for shopping out beautiful handicrafts. With respect to these handicrafts you must look at the Pichwai Paintings which are the exclusivity of Nathdwara.

These are the most famous places for buying Marble Handicrafts in Rajasthan. Although you can buy from any of the local markets of Rajasthan, but for authentic products consider these places.

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